Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi
Director: Rian Johnson
Lucasfilm Ltd./Walt Disney Studios
Rating: 4/5 stars


I am not a Star Wars person. My first introduction to the series was through friends, who made me watch two of the prequels last year. They weren’t awful, but I am not exactly fanatic about it.

And yet I found myself watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Twice. While missing half the story. But here I am, and this is my non-fan opinion and general summary.

I actually enjoyed the movie, despite myself. If you are a non-expert like me and you know a fan who wants to watch it with you, don’t worry, it is worth it. I’ve watched it in cinema and on DVD, and I must say that as cool as the cinema experience was, DVD was better because you can pause to discuss things with your movie-buddy. This is definitely a movie to chat through, but you also can’t miss a thing, so pause it! Also, if you run out of time from all the chatting or want to watch one bit over again, you can’t scene select in a cinema.

But I’m sure you’d like a quick overview of my opinion on the actual movie, so here’s my non-expert opinion (if you’d like a fan-review, check out Thomas’s great one here).

First, we have pretty wooden school-play acting, but great graphics. Like seriously, very very good. Also the music, costumes, and sets; on point. The creatures are rather nice additions, I thought. The porgs may’ve been redundant to the story, but they were SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Next, the plot. As the great Weird Al Yankovic said, “Some ships blew up and some pilots fried”, several times. This movie was also full of real people with real emotions, who each were strong and weak, good and bad, no matter which side they fought on, or what their age, gender, or race. Okay, maybe not the best acted, but still appreciated. Related to that, I felt a lot of the deaths were unnecessary and killed the best characters. There were also a few faux-pas (I’m pretty sure you will get sucked out of an opened airlock, for example). But the lightsaber fights were epic, no matter how unnecessary some of them were.

There was a lot of psychological stuff to decipher, which I liked. I enjoyed the thoughtful comments on society, such as the effects of black-and-white thinking, glorifying institutions, animal cruelty, capitalism, and a fear of failure.

What I found interesting was how the whole movie could’ve been avoided with one good therapist. Trying not to give too much away, we had a depressed (among other things) Jedi who was refusing help, C3PO the anxiety poster-robot, a character dealing with grief appropriately (which was lovely to see) and several who weren’t, and two characters going through an identity crisis in different ways (no, anger and revenge on things that hurt you are not appropriate reactions, even if they are understandable). There were also some necessary trips to face the darkness within, and I liked that. But a therapist would’ve sorted all that right out with much less dying and damage. I’d recommend you take a lesson from this film and if you feel like any of the characters I referred to above, please go seek assistance before a Star Wars movie is made about you.

Whether you are into analysing and picking apart texts for meanings, or are there for cute porgs, side-jokes, and Kylo Ren’s glorious chest (I’m sorry but it deserves a mention, I don’t care that it was “just a meme”), there’s something for you. So if you want to get yourself some brownie points with a wannabe-Jedi friend, or just have some fun, get yourself Last Jedi on DVD, available in all of the usual stores where you can buy DVDs.


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