Punk Portable Speaker

This is another awesome product, and I use it every day. It’s so simple to use, coming with just a USB cord for charging and a line-in if you choose to not use the Bluetooth setting.

With a slick, simple design, this speaker produces amazing sound, at it’s about the size of your hand. Give it a full charge and it will last for hours on end. I have it in the bathroom with me whenever I shower, and it is ideal.

The best thing about this speaker is that it’s Bluetooth capable, so you don’t have to have any cords attached. I find my computer occasionally has issues connecting to it, but every other device is fine.


Relay in-ear headphones

These are awesome. They have an amazing sound quality, and never fall out. They also don’t require massive volume, which is a massive bonus for me. I have a bright red pair, and I’m all about the fact that they are so easy to find because of their colour.

The only faults I found with these guys is that they tangle pretty easily, however SOL supply a little carry bag for them so that you can avoid that. Other than that, the only problem was the left ear’s volume cutting right down after a few weeks. I’m sure that’s a very rare fault, and I am still using the headphones, because the sound quality from one and a quarter earbuds is still amazing!