Sam Smith
Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
April 22, 2015
Reviewed by Patrick Campbell
Photos by Erica McQueen

Last night was all about new experiences. I took my sister to a restaurant she had never been to before, and then we went to see Sam Smith. He was cool!

I arrived at the arena just in time to catch Emma Louise perform, and I am so glad I did. She was incredible, her voice is angelic and I couldn’t think of a better person to to start off the gig.

Of course, when Sam Smith came out, everything was upped to a completely new level. Two, yes TWO, curtains dropped as he sang the intro to Life Support and the crowd erupted from their seats. This was the constant pattern of the night: Every time he began a new song, everyone would scream and cheer as his melodies washed over them.

The set was simple, like a smaller version of Beyoncé’s last tour, but it meant that there was nothing to take the attention away from Sam himself. As he sang through track after track on the album, as well as a few covers, his voice had me in awe. I wish I could sing like that. My sister tried to sing like that. Only Sam Smith can sing like that.


The show was quality though; a beautiful lighting rig added another touch of class,  an incredible band brought new and exciting changes to a few of the tracks. The production looked too small on the stage in Vector. I can imagine it in the Civic Theatre, an intimate venue which really fits the quality and class of this performer. In saying that, I did still shed a tear during Leave Your Lover, which felt incredibly intimate, even with 15,000 people all in one room.

Most touching of all, however, were the stories about his songs and himself that Sam shared throughout the night. He reminded us all to be ourselves, and told us of the heartbreak that inspired In The Lonely Hour.

I loved last night, and my sister really did, too. I would definitely go to see Sam Smith again. I really want to go tonight, in fact!


  • I was in the upper bowl and am afraid of heights
  • I REALLY hate La La La, and think Naughty Boy is not good
  • It could have been at the Civic
  • Jessie Ware didn’t come out and duet with him on Leave Your Lover


  • Oh my god, his voice?
  • During Restart he did this adorable two-step
  • His mashup of Money on My Mind and Finally
  • The literal height of my seat