Rüfüs Du Sol – Solace Tour
Date: 8th March 2019
Location: Trusts Arena
Rating: 4/5
Reviewed by MAY LIN TYE


‘Catharsis’ would be one word to describe what Rüfüs Du Sol’s music evokes, and I’m sure many audience members experienced this in one form or another at last night’s concert in Trusts Arena, Auckland. Following a run throughout Australia, Europe, and North America, the electronic dance trio brought their Solace Tour to Aotearoa for a packed-out show, next heading off to Mexico. Members Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George, and James Hunt delivered a stunning live performance of their electronic music to an enthusiastic crowd: not surprising given their cult following and ability to make music that can somehow make you feel almost every emotion at once (see Innerbloom, a 9-minute masterpiece). Last night’s performance was a big, glowstick-filled dance party. “It’s Friday night!” singer Linqvist proclaimed multiple times.

Lindqvist delivered on vocals that were emotive and expressive, the lyrics carried through more powerful than ever. Over pulsating beats and perfectly executed synth delivered by George and Hunt, it would be hard to distinguish Rüfüs Du Sol’s live performances from studio recordings. And yet every moment of it felt like a complete ride – an intimate, yet solitary experience. While I feel that the sound could have been a bit louder, the crowd nonetheless experienced the sensory overload that just listening to their music conveys, only ten times more. There were people raving the night away, while a few others were quite calm but vibing, seemingly lost in the music. Rüfüs Du Sol seemed thrilled to be in New Zealand and exuded genuine gratitude. It was particularly special for Lindqvist, who told the crowd he had just proposed here!

Jumping across the eras, the performance spanned albums Bloom and Solace, covering bigger hits like You Were Right and Innerbloom, and some of the newer ones like Eyes and Underwater. The dedication of Treat You Better to women as a celebration of International Women’s Day was a nice touch, and the encore of No Place made for a strong finish, although there was an abrupt end with the lights suddenly switching back on.

The concert had pure energy radiating through the crowd, and there’s something special about having 5000-odd Rüfüs Du Sol fans together to witness their electronic genius. Rüfüs Du Sol has a unique ability to tell a story when they perform, and an opportunity to see them live should never be missed.


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