Directors: Peter Ettedgui and Ian Bonhote
Rating: 5/5 stars

Its no secret that Alexander McQueen is a fashion icon. His work is bold and unique.

Ive got to admit that when I first heard about this film, I was a bit sceptical. I questioned whether it would be really authentic and how focused it would be on his 2010 passing. Im pleased to confirm that it was a thorough account of his life, although they definitely could have delved in more, but there is only so little time with the documentary already almost two hours in duration.

McQueens unique style drew people to his work. He understood the human form yet challenged the conventions of fashion. He was also interested in romanticism and liked to evoke emotion which sometimes involved dark elements.

A fashion legend in action

The film delved deep into Alexanders family life and his interests, moving through his life experiences including schooling and training. We witness the exact point in his life where things take an abrupt turn as McQueen goes to work with the likes of Givenchy to then later, running his own empire.

His shows were known to be a form of performance art with one of his most notable worn by model Shalom Harlow whose dress was spray painted by two robotic arms as she twirled around in place.

There are so many pieces of his that I adore, a lot of which were on show to the public at the Savage Beauty exhibition held in London in 2011. My absolute favourite is the dress he designed for Lady Gaga which she wore to the 2010 MTV VMAs as this is actually how I was officially introduced to his work.

While his life was tragically cut short at just forty years old, his legacy that he built lives on with his fashion line thriving and still continuing to have a huge following around the world. If you have an interest in fashion, are a creative or are just a fan of his work – like I am, you will love this film.

After a successful run in the NZ International Film Festival last month, McQueen is officially in cinemas now for a special limited release.