Title: Heart Over Mind
Artist: Elcee

Reviewed by: DEBORAH TAN

Elcee’s truly introspective, yearning, searching voice is clear and sweet. With an ethereal sound, Elcee evokes the beauty in sadness, the excitement of bonfire nights, and ultimately, the frustration and joy involved in trying to follow your heart.

Gold Paper Boxes, featuring Lane, is a playful introduction. The song features catchy snaps, where Elcee almost sings percussively. Her at times folksy, jazzy twang adds a sense of mirth.

Throughout her songs, Elcee presents a blend of lush tones, light chime sounds, and an angelic lilting voice; it builds with a quiet dignity.

A highlight throughout Heart over Mind is the sense of story. Lyrically, there are gems like: “in between the tender echoes of a lullaby/there is something inside that we’re toiling with/even in the sun/I can’t promise you I won’t run”. Her sincerity comes through in every note.

Though Heart Over Mind might depict the struggle between heart and mind, Elcee’s music presents a bridge between two worlds; a bridge between your midnight thoughts and sharing them with the world; a bridge of melodies that both provoke thought and warm the heart.

Elcee reminds me of: 

Leighton Meester – Heartstrings
Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
Florence and the Machine’s – Cosmic Love (acoustic)

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