Title: Forecast

Author: Sarah Costelloe

Publisher: Self-published

Reviewed by: Tierney Reardon

Star rating: 4.5 out of 5

Forecast is the debut novel from New Zealand author Sarah Costelloe; the first book in a new series written primarily for Kiwi teens to enjoy. It tells the story of 16-year-old Holly Armstrong, who has moved away from her home, family and friends in London to the calm, peaceful town of Piha, New Zealand. Holly has moved there in the hopes of moving on from the dreadful incident that has left her drowning in guilt and anxiety ever since.

While the residents of Piha warmly welcome and quickly befriend Holly, she still doesn’t feel entirely at ease; she begins to be haunted by chilling dreams. The only person Holly trusts with the truth is the enigmatic, charming Taine, who she makes an instant connection with. He teaches her how to surf and, in return, she reveals her deepest secrets to him. (I mean, I’m personally not sure how this is a fair deal, but there you go.)

It isn’t long before Holly is surfing with her new friends every day; her anxiety is starting to finally go away, and she is even managing to ignore the nightmares. And then people start to die. (At this point I realised that this book was actually going to be quite exciting.) When Holly realises that there may be a connection between her dreams and the deaths, it becomes clear that she needs to discover the full truth about the people of Piha – before her friends become the next victims.

This book basically has everything; murder, supernatural elements, a distinctly New Zealand-ish theme and a rather confusing romance. I definitely recommend this novel. It’s an excellent read for the summer. I will warn you, however, that you will be avoiding all forms of fog for several weeks after you finish the book. Seriously – stay away from the fog.

The sequel to Forecast is due to come out in 2015, so if you enjoy this book, you have a new release to look forward to this year


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