TEARAWAY Maverick ANNA HENVEST caught Ellie Goulding at Vector Arena. Here's what went down.

Recently, I was treated to a spectacle at the Ellie Goulding concert. There were queues down the street to get into the mosh pit. It was clear that everyone there was there for a party; and that’s exactly what they would get.

The night began with brother-sister duo Broods and their electro-pop goodness. These young Kiwis have been tipped as ‘the next big thing’ and this was clearly evident in their set.

Broods opened with their second single, Never Gonna Change, Georgia Nott performing what can only be described as Lorde-esque dance moves. They went on to play the Top 40 single Bridges, as well as tracks from their recently-released, self-titled EP, and unreleased tracks.

There’s no denying that Broods are incredibly talented, however when I looked around all I saw were people talking to each other, or on their phones. Perhaps they weren’t the perfect choice for the energetic and attention-grabbing Brit who was yet to come – but we’ll get to her soon.

All in all, I see why Broods were a frontrunner for opening act, but the energy and crowd engagement just wasn’t there, and that's crucial. However, for their first arena show in New Zealand, their performance was enjoyable to watch and I’d love to see them in a more intimate venue, headlining their own show.

Then, the marvel that is Ellie Goulding bounced onto the stage, in long black pants, military style boots and a white crop top. And I mean she literally bounced. With a minimal set of just her band and a screen behind her, Ellie opened with Figure 8, which brought the crowd to hysterics.

The mosh pit was possibly the fullest I’ve ever seen, and seats upstairs were quickly filled. As she graced through both old and new tracks, Ellie displayed incredible energy that the crowd lapped up. A highlight for me was the acoustic set she performed, with tracks Guns and Horses and Beating Heart. Honestly, I’d never been a huge fan of the Divergent track, Beating Heart, but seeing an acoustic version live, makes it one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

The acoustic set led into a cover of Elton John’s Your Song, which was amazing and had the whole crowd on their feet, singing along. As Ellie sang three tracks that I wouldn’t consider to be well known, the energy lulled. She then covered MIA’s Bad Girls, again bringing the energy back up to exactly where she wanted it. Then came the smash hit Only You which, of course, was well received by the audience, to say the least.

Ellie rounded off the set with singles Anything Could Happen, I Need Your Love and Lights. For me, Lights was another highlight, as it was the song that made me an Ellie fan. Her crowd banter was on point as she asked everyone to bring out their phones, turning Vector Arena into a cascade of beautiful glows that could only be described as well, Pinterest or Instagram-worthy.

As she said her goodbyes, the inevitable encore chants began; the whole arena was left wanting just a bit more Ellie. She returned with the hit from TV show, SkinsYou, My Everything – and her most successful song to date, Burn.

Ellie Goulding’s energy and passion was infectious and was incredibly captivating to watch. Her Halcyon Days tour is definitely one not to be missed, and I for one cannot wait for her the next tour. I’ll be there, front row.

Photos by Jessica Suo

For pics from the gig, click here.