5/5 stars

This week I got the chance to review ecostore’s skincare range, which they have appropriately named SKIN. The products from the SKIN range that I reviewed were the Purifying Cleanser and the Light Moisturiser, both created for people with combination/oily skin types. I was excited to get to try these out, as I had read that the products were made using marine extract bioactives, which is something that was completely new to me!

The Purifying Cleanser foams slightly when used, and while it isn’t a listed feature of the product, it actually removed my makeup completely. You only need a tiny amount to work up into a foam, so I’m getting very many uses out of just one bottle of cleanser. The Light Moisturiser really is light; it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily, in fact it’s so light that you can hardly feel a trace of it! The two products worked together so well, and I’ve been using them all week. They’ve helped keep my skin clear, so I definitely recommend that you try them out.

As teenagers, our skin will often act up and break out. We all have different skin types, sometimes dry, sometimes oily, sometimes somewhere in between, and it’s so important to find a skincare product that will work best with your skin type. Luckily, with the ecostore skincare range you have plenty of options to choose from. The range has products for combination, normal and dry skin types, and includes products such as cleansers, moisturisers, facial oils, night creams and even lip balms. There’s something for everyone to try, and if you aren’t sure where to start, the ecostore online shop has gift sets made up of selections of their best skin products.

What has really impressed me about ecostore’s skincare products is that, like with all ecostore products, the brand is very honest about the ingredients that go into what you buy. The products are alcohol free, to avoid damaging and drying out your skin. Instead, the skincare products are filled with bioactives that rehydrate and restore skin; these include things like marine extracts, grapeseed oil, blackcurrent oil and extracts from native flax (harakeke). The products are cruelty free, too, which something that I always look for in the things I buy.

To learn more about the products and ingredients, as well as take a quiz to learn what your skin type is, check out the SKIN by ecostore website here.


TIERNEY REARDON is a librarian-in-training studying at the Open Polytechnic; published in ReDraft, Rookie Magazine and Flash Frontier. Will never achieve dream of being a hipster. Has adopted and renamed several of the neighbours’ cats.