Title: What Did You Expect
Artist: Die!Die!Die!

Reviewed by: ELLIOT DAWSON

Dunedin’s loudest export, Die!Die!Die! are back with their EP What Did You Expect, as a follow-up to their fifth studio album S W I M, released in 2014.

The band have become legends in the noise punk genre, as they have been a part of the scene since 2003, however their distinct energetic sound has evolved quite a bit since their more punk-influenced debut.

What Did You Expect features five tracks, all pretty varied in length, with one being longer than four minutes and another shorter than 1:30.

The EP opens with an absolute banger of a tune called I Love Space Travel. It combines quick, loud guitar riffs with distorted vocals and a fun summer chorus to boot. Michael Prain’s drum fills are particularly impressive, bringing the song to electric new levels. Ashtray Ashtray could find a snug place within the EP after this song – maybe not after the other songs though.

Dark Arrow and Listen To The Radio are slower songs which are a bit more produced and radio-friendly. Both are catchy, with nice hooks that feature Annabel Liddell, the vocalist of Miss June (an absolutely awesome band). Liddell’s melodies combined with Andrew Wilson’s style work really well and bring out a Naked and Famous vibe which I really dig.

The featured track What Did You Expect and the album’s finale Is What It Is feel quite nostalgic. A beautiful tremolo is used in both, forming a pair of wonderful layered tracks that keep the listener tuned to the very last second.

Die!Die!Die!’s EP reminds me of Band of Skulls mixed with Tame Impala. It’s a really awesome follow up to S W I M, with elements of nostalgia, mellow indie-ness and summer-infused thrash punk. My favourite is definitely I Love Space Travel which is a song I totally recommend before you Die!Die!Die!

What Did You Expect will be released Friday December 4th.