Title: Demon Road
Author: Derek Landy
Publisher: HarperCollins

Calling all Supernatural fans, City of Bones readers and anyone in love with all things paranormal! Derek Landy, author of Skullduggery Pleasant, has found the perfect mix of thriller, action, humour and horror to create a new trilogy – Demon Road.

Amber Lamont is (well, was), a typical sixteen-year-old girl navigating through the challenges of life. Then she finds out she’s a pure-born demon. If you think your parents are monsters, well – Amber’s parents want to eat her. She goes on a thrilling run across America with friends Milo and Glen, finding monsters, vampires, and undead serial killers around every corner.

The book has a shocking opener and is filled with gruesome scenes, epic heart-stopping action and lots of guts and blood. It has twists and turns and surprises you’ll never see coming, and soon you’ll realise that not all monsters have horns. The characters can feel just a little too similar to those in Skullduggery Pleasant, but the main trio is full of sass and bravery, with some witty banter between them juxtaposed perfectly with all the gory, bloody fighting bits.

The plot gets a tiny bit repetitive sometimes, almost as if it were a TV show. Fortunately, there are no love triangles or forced romances yet.

Least favourite bit of the book? That I have to wait to read the second one. Derek Landy, if you’re reading this, please don’t make us wait another year.

The YA fiction genre has been filled with vampires and demons and undead serial killers, but Derek Landy’s Demon Road is never predictable and never dull.

P.S: KILLER CARS THAT EAT PEOPLE. That alone should make you read the book.

P.P.S: My friend Shannon summarised the book perfectly: good humour, blood, car that eats people.