Show: Ciaran McMeekan and Late Night Poets
Date: December 3, 2015
Venue: The King’s Arms, Auckland
Reviewed by: ERICA McQUEEN

Late Night Poets are one of those bands that seemingly appeared out of nowhere with a full set of original songs, and was instantly incredible. As far as I can tell, there wasn’t that period of years of playing shows to inattentive crowds in half empty venues. They have a huge following, despite having yet to release a record. And it was clear that a good number of people were there last night to see them. They were full of energy as always and put on a great show. Mid-set, the crowd burst into Happy Birthday to drummer Jassher.

There were a few hiccups; one song was restarted as the lead singer got the key wrong the first time. However, this just adds to how special live shows are compared to records. There was some great banter between band members, some cheeky story telling too. Overall a great opening set – be sure to catch these guys live if you ever get the chance.

I was pleasantly surprised to see The Kings Arms full for a midweek show, and Ciaran McMeekan admitted it was the biggest crowd he’d ever played for. He was clearly thoroughly enjoying himself, full of smiles. This was the first time I’d seen Ciaran play with a band, and it was great! The bass player was incredible and I really liked the drummer’s use of a sample pad. Highlights were City and Hallelujah. His set seemed a bit short, given he was headlining, but I guess he just doesn’t have a huge repertoire yet.

There were boos as he announced his last song, and as soon as it finished, calls for an encore. The band left the stage and Ciaran played a beautiful quiet song, Boy, on his own. One guy in the front row, clearly still excited about the prospect of one more song, yelled ‘woohoo’ which made it on to the loop Ciaran made as he began the song.

It was a wonderful live set. Ciaran clearly has a big musical future ahead of him.

Check out Ciaran McMeeken’s album Screaming Man on Spotify and iTunes.