TEARAWAY Maverick ERICA McQUEEN saw Broods last night at Auckland's Powerstation. Here's what went down.

Forgive me for comparing them to Lorde, but I feel Broods has risen to fame in a similar speedy fashion. Though they’ve toured the US and UK extensively, this was their first time headlining a show in New Zealand, a day ahead of releasing their first album. It’s hard to believe their first single Bridges was released less than a year ago.

Georgia, in a see-through white tracksuit (where do you even get such a thing?!) with crop top and a jacket around the waist, was looking very nineties. She wore her hair in a long braid, which she proceeded to fling around like a helicopter blade.

Her moves were like belly dancing mixed with a little bit of how I dance to the radio in the car and a dash of Lorde-ness. This is an odd description, but I promise you the dancing accompanied the music perfectly; somehow she managed to pull it all off with beauty, grace and delicacy. I liked that throughout the set, Georgia drank tea from a good looking mug.

I like to judge a live performance by the in-between song banter. Sure, you’re there for the music, but you can assume that’s going to at least be vaguely similar to what you’ve heard before, and you might not have heard the artists actually speak before. In this instance, I was a little disappointed. There was your standard ‘how are you all tonight?’, ‘thanks for coming’, ‘will you sing along to this song?’… and not much else. However, the music really did speak for itself. Georgia and brother Caleb seemed genuinely humble and thankful to be back home, playing to their original supporters.

The mixing was done well, the beats bass-y and only almost bordering on headache-inducing. I could hear the lyrics clearly; not being able to really bugs me. I was expecting Jimi, one of my favorite drummers, who has been touring with them, to be playing. He wasn’t, but the dude who took his place was fantastic. He did a great job of supporting Broods while not drawing too much attention to himself.

I’ve talked a lot about Georgia, but Caleb was equally great. I love when you can tell that an artist is genuinely loving performing. At around the one hour mark, the set was the perfect length and it was noticeably unhurried.

Highlights included Georgia singing solo and playing my fave keyboard (a red Nord Stage), and the rendition of Mother & Father as their second encore song (“this is our last song, for realsies”).

This was a truly enjoyable gig. I’d definitely recommend seeing Broods perform if you’re ever given the chance. Their presence fills a room (even a big one like The Powerstaion) and it was an honour to be graced with their musical prowess.


For a Gallery from the show please click here

Their debut album, Evergreen, is out today. Get amongst it! From what I heard last night Sober and Killing You are sure to be highlights.