Title: Dare to Lead
Author: Brené Brown
Rating: 5/5 stars


“Leadership is not about titles, status, and power. Leaders are people who hold themselves accountable for recognizing the potential in people and ideas and developing that potential.” This requires leaders to be brave, to choose courage over comfort. But, what does it mean to be a ‘brave’ leader and how does one become one? How can we embed courage into our culture? And what role does vulnerability play in all of this? These are the questions that Brené tackles in her new book, Dare to Lead, and she gives readers practical strategies and examples to help translate her advice into action.

Reading Dare to Lead is like having a late-night conversation with a friend you deeply admire and respect. Her words are warm and she creates a safe space for you to reflect on your experiences and contemplate your future. She also encourages you to be better, to grow, and just like any good friendship, that requires a healthy dose of brutal honesty. In Brené’s own words, “clear is kind, unclear is unkind”. She’s that friend that doesn’t shy away from the messy and confusing parts of our lives – the parts that we all secretly hide and wish nobody every picked on. Instead, she steps right into the arena and call you out on your mess. Like when you start to misinterpret what vulnerability really means or when you twist ‘vulnerability’ around for the sole purpose of protecting yourself from judgement, blame, or shame. But Brené’s also mindful of not preaching from her ivory academic tower. Instead, she’s also willing to be vulnerable and to share her scars and flaws. She too struggles with perfectionism, she too is learning and growing, just like the rest of us.