Show: iHeartRadio presents Avalanche City
Date: December 9, 2015
Venue: The Tuning Fork
Reviewed by: ERICA McQUEEN
Photos by: JESS SUO

​Okay, let’s start with my one complaint (kind of – I’m trying not to be picky). If you want to start playing at 8.30, please do not tell me to come at 7. I don’t want to stand around for 90 minutes. Granted, this was made worse by the fact I attended the gig alone and there was no seating.

That aside, let’s move on to talking about how great a show this was! There was a good turnout, which I wasn’t expecting. I often find with these gigs that you can only win free tickets to, people don’t commit to coming, since it’s not costing them.

Dave Baxter took to the stage with a band of four, but between them they played ten instruments. This made for a set full of songs with great variety and depth. The mixing for the most part was good – I found the drums too loud at times but I do tend to enjoy quieter music. Part way through the set the band left the stage and Dave played a beautiful, soft song on his own.

Highlights included Inside Out – and not just because it was a single. There was a backing track that made it sound like you were listening to the song on an old record player. There was a great glockenspiel part which you could hear clearly. Wild Places 1 was also wonderful. Dave kicked the drummer off his kit to come and stand by him and lead the audience in clapping along – it was great fun. Third highlight was Keep Finding a Way, just because I love that song. Overall a truly wonderful set. I hadn’t seen them play in a few years and I really enjoyed their new songs.

Check out Avalanche City on his custom station at iHeartRadio.