Photo by Patrick Campbell

One Direction
On The Road Again Tour
Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
14th February 2015

There is no doubt that One Direction are the biggest band in the world. They have a talent for breaking records, and a following of millions. I have been interested in this group for a few years, but it was late 2013 that I truly became a fan. Now, just over a year later, I have been given the amazing blessing (thank you, Beysus) of seeing them perform live on the first leg of their biggest tour yet. By PATRICK CAMPBELL.


Visiting stadiums all over the world this year, the On The Road Again Tour is a big deal. It started a week ago in Sydney and will visit nearly every continent before it is finished.

Having seen the live film of their Where We Are Tour, I was excited to see how they could top that show, and luckily I was not disappointed.

The boys opened their show with Clouds, and amongst the smoke from fireworks, the group emerged at the peak of the stage. The screams were immense, but the response from the band was just as loud. I was unsure whether they would be impressive vocally, but they really were. Harry led the majority of the songs with his incredible range and ability, but as a whole, the entire group really proved they are the real deal.

The stage was massive, with different levels, screens, and lights all over it. The most exciting part was when the end of their runway rose up in the middle of the show so the boys were above the crowd, the sides of the runway flashing with LED screens.

Throughout the two-hour show, the boys performed tracks from all four of their albums, an impromptu The Flinstones theme tune, and Harry even tried his hand at some comedy. Whilst the latter didn’t go down too well, all the boys interacted with the audience constantly, and they weren’t afraid to laugh at themselves or their dancing.

The entire gig was incredible; the visuals, constant fireworks, and singing all worked together to create something that had me enthralled. I am not ashamed to say that I was singing along to every song, and I definitely screamed a little bit.

Highlights of the night included Clouds, Don’t Forget Where You Belong, Girl Almighty, and pretty much the entire concert.

Lowlights include: The lack of Stockholm Syndrome or Fireproof on the setlist, and the fact that Harry didn’t wear his gold chelsea boots. These are both OK though, as the band have the opportunity to make these things happen for me tonight.

I am genuinely in love with 1D now, and I’m not even embarrassed. I bought a t-shirt last night and I can’t wait to wear it tonight.