The inaugural IDEAStarter competition has come to a close and there were some awesome entries. TEARAWAY caught up with one of the winners, Nicholas Bing.

IDEAStarter aims to help young people reach their potential, supporting young entrepreneurs to grow their business skills, build networks and access resources. It’s open to either individuals or teams, with two age categories for entrants: 15-18 years and 19-24 years.

17-year-old Nicholas Bing is a year 13 student at Papatoetoe High School and works part-time at Maccas. He entered two ideas this year, one as an individual and one as part of a team – and both ideas won!

scented sensations

Tell us about your winning ideas.

One was labelled ‘Toilet Bomb’, and the other is ‘Esscentric and Solid Perfumes’.

Toilet bombs are like a bath bomb but for your toilet, doing all the dirty work for you. Throw one in, wait for it to fizz up, flush it down and it will clean your toilet without any hassle.

Esscentric and Solid Perfumes is my group idea, and we have to make this product a reality. Esscentric is an upcycled container made from Kauri or Rimu wood. It has four levels which are stacked upon each other and swivel on a point, to allow each level to be accessed in an innovative way. Solid perfumes have been around forever; our innovative touch to it is to incorporate NZ-themed smells such as Tarata Lemongrass, alongside healing properties from NZ plants such as Koromiko. Solid perfumes are proven to be more healthier than common synthetic sprays, as they don’t contain alcohol or deadly chemicals which could harm your skin. Made from beeswax and a mixture of carrier and essential oils, they are proven to last longer.

Where did you get the inspiration for your ideas?

The idea of toilet bombs came from my teacher. She gave our class a challenge to create a product or service that would help household owners. This idea hit me when I was thinking about everyday problems. It had to be feasible and solve the problem. From this I came up with the idea of toilet bombs, presented it to my class and won a few chocolates… I then thought that it actually has potential and I’m currently thinking of ways that I can create this idea.

For Esscentric and Solid Perfumes, we aim to create and sell the product as part of the Young Enterprise Scheme. We’ve been planning since February and as a group, this idea was born. We’ve had so many alterations from our original idea but believe that this has real potential. We’ve presented the idea at dragons dens, elevator pitches and in front of business people, where we’ve received so much good feedback.

What does winning IDEAStarter mean to you?

Personally, it has given me even more confidence in both myself and my ideas. I’m popping with ideas and to have a program that allows me to discuss them in front of people is a real good opportunity.

For my group, it has boosted our confidence so much. We were so happy that there are people who are actually interested in idea-sharing. It was amazing hearing everyones’ ideas, as everyone had different backgrounds and came up with different ideas that catered for the ‘neverendingness’ of problems in society.

Where would you like to be in five years?

Hopefully owning a business which is successful in the toilet cleaning market, hopefully which will be able to diversify to around the world. I would like to inspire Kiwi innovation and promote my community in and around Auckland.

In five years, my group has goals of becoming massively successful entrepreneurs where our bond as a business is still strong. We hope to expand and gain so much media coverage for our product. We would like to continue this business after this year and become worldwide.

What advice would you give to others thinking about entering IDEAStarter?

DO IT. You can either stay quiet about amazing ideas and have them forgotten after awhile, or present them, get feedback and support – which in the end, will benefit you. The idea you have today could be the the next big thing in the future. Don’t worry about people stealing your idea. Finally, always try. If my teacher didn’t show us the pamphlets for this competition we would have never entered. Out of the four groups in my business class, three entered. No one had any idea what it was, but I encouraged my team to enter and from it we manage to win some cool stuff.

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Photo: The Scented Sensations team from Papatoetoe High School, Level 3 NCEA Business studies (L-R): Wendy Nguyen, Vinze Quines, Nicholas Bing, Saurabh Sharma, Shafraz Khan, Simran Krishna.