Joy Ice Cream is founded on the philosophy that it’s physically impossible not to smile while eating ice cream. Coupled with the goal of solving unemployment and under-employment, the result is a variety of weird and wacky ice cream flavours that directly helps to end youth unemployment.

Joy Ice Cream’s purpose is “to entrepreneurise remarkable people amongst today’s unemployed and under-employed.”

Currently, over 25% of youth in the world are either unemployed or under-employed, and many are forced to become employed in jobs that don’t fulfil them. Young people often find themselves without the opportunity or support to start and run their own business, which is where Joy Ice Cream comes in.

After talking to tens of thousands of employers around the world, founder James Coddington realised that qualifications weren’t what employers were looking for. Instead, they valued enterprise skills, resilience, teamwork and communication, skills you won’t learn in a classroom or a lecture hall.

Over 150 young people have now been through Joy’s program. It gives youth the opportunity to develop these valuable skills, own and run their own business, and work in one of Joy’s stores in order to learn what it takes to grow a business.

By selling ice cream to create these opportunities for young people, Joy knew they had to do things differently in order to stand out. That’s why they have two important points of differentiation: the ice cream is all organic, and it’s all natural. No additives, preservatives, or colouring! They source their ingredients from Green Valley Dairies, the largest organic dairy company in Australasia, so you can be sure that the ice cream you buy is of premium quality. 

And of course, they are known for having some of the wackiest ice cream flavours you’ll find in New Zealand: apple crumble, pumpkin pie, salted popcorn, just to name a few! The most popular flavours are salted caramel and hokey pokey, but there are over 50 to choose from and they’re always coming up with more!

“Most of the flavours come from the customers,” says Mr Coddington. “The store in the Viaduct especially captures a lot of tourists… in the summer season. So they’re coming off cruise ships and telling us all about the wild and wacky flavours, and they challenge us to make it by the time they come back in six weeks’ time.”

Joy Icecream James Coddington - 23:8:16 - TWA

James Coddington, full of Joy.

To find out more about this innovative brand with unique ice cream flavours that are sure to bring a smile to your face, visit the nearest store or check out their website.