The summer break has the potential to be the greatest time of the year – or the most disappointing. If you want to have an epic time over the next couple of months, here’s a few things you’ll want to avoid.

#1. Breaking your jandals

You need to break in your jandals to the point where you’ve molded them perfectly to the contour of your low-arched hobbit foot. The danger is wearing them so thin that you snap the rubber tendon of the jandal and lacerate your toe webbing. You need to know when to start fresh on a new pair before that happens.


#2. Setting your expectations too high

One formula for happiness is this: expectations minus reality. Think about that for a bit. Let it set in. If you want to be happy, set your expectations realistically. You were sure to be bummed out if you were praying for a white Christmas but staying in NZ. If you expect New Year’s Eve to be spent in a private booth at a Kanye concert pashing some Scandinavian model, then you’ll probably be disappointed. More likely, you’ll be at your nana’s, with a peppermint tea, kissing your little brother to gross him out.


#3. Not making a plan

You might be thinking: who needs plans for summer? If I don’t plan anything then I’ll be stoked if anything happens at all! Wrong. If you don’t plan anything then you’ll miss out on fun adventures, concerts and parties. Those things take a little bit of prep.


#4. Caring about what other people think

The best way to fill your life with more anxiety is to attempt mind-reading. I wonder what she’s thinking? Do they want me around? Some people combat these feelings by mocking people. However, nothing says “I’m incredibly insecure about myself right now” more than mocking what other people are wearing or saying. Mocks can be funny but they make you look like an egg.


#5. Desperately avoiding your family at all costs

You’re going to be spending a whole lot of time with your family whether you like it or not. You have the choice to either enjoy it or, if you want to have a terrible summer, hate every moment that you spend with them.

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