Mates, BFFs, the squad, uso’s, my girls, da boyz, that stick you named Gareth… whatever you call them, they are your friends.

A follow-for-follow doesn’t really provide you with the security of knowing you’ve got a friend who will always take your side, no matter what. 

We know what it’s like to want to fake sickies every day so you can stay home and watch another riveting episode of Jeremy Kyle. Sometimes that is more bearable than spending lunchtimes alone when you have no mates.

If you want to make some good friends at school then our best tip for you is this: Be friendly.


Top 5 ways to be friendly

1. Smile. Not too gummy, not too toothy, not too creepy. Just friendly
2. Make eye contact (note: not physical contact with eyes)
3. Raise eyebrows + sniff + head nod = friendly combo of friendliness
4. Say something friendly, like: “Hi, I’m friendly”
5. Compliment people, e.g: “Hey you, congratulations on your face”


Ultimately, the best thing you can do is take the risk and be friendly. Because friendly people always have friends.


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Photo courtesy of Emma Dickins – of Emma and her mates at Palmerston North Girl’s High School

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