Why do you make music?

Because music is cool. I like to make it because I like to listen to it.


What music are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I’m mostly listening to spoken work for lyrical inspiration. People like Bradley Hathaway, Levi the Poet are great. Music… Troye Sivan, Maala and those kind of artists.


Have you got plans for an EP?

Yes, hopefully this year. Definitely this year. It’ll happen. It was meant to happen last year, but it will happen this year.


What do you think are the barriers to young people wanting to get into music?

It’s not an easy thing to get into, I guess. There’s not a set way you can go about it. So that’s what I struggled with, I wanted ‘these are the steps you do to become a musician’, but there isn’t that. So I guess that’s a barrier, just having to find your own path.


Do you have any tips for young songwriters?

Just keep going. I’ve been writing for a long long time, probably since I was 10. One of the songs I did I actually wrote that when I was 13. Just keep going. Sometimes good stuff comes out, but don’t be afraid to be real harsh on your own writing as well. If you write a whole song and only like one line of it, take that one line out and write another song.


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