I stroll into the absolutely boisterous ASB Showgrounds, filled with an impressive crowd at this year’s Armageddon Expo. After brushing past countless people, I find my way to the media room and wait there, feeling both nervous and excited for the interview. And then, the beautiful Holland Roden walks in! At that moment, my worries escaped my mind and I was left only feeling hopeful and star-struck!

It was obvious from the start that Holland is ambitious, passionate and independent. Becoming self sufficient, she says, has always been something she takes pride in and she encourages others to also love what they do and seek their own opportunities.

Her advice to aspiring actors? Get involved with local theatre, get in touch with an acting coach and put your work on tape. She reminds us that getting feedback is a crucial part of the process and she particularly appreciates the feedback of the fans as well as her mum and best friend, who she says are “sticklers for perfection”! She also emphasises the importance of having multiple passions so that we can be more well-rounded people, with more options in the future. After all, before capturing hearts around the universe on screen, she was a science major at UCLA and even dreamed of becoming an astronaut growing up! See what the Teen Wolf star had to say about her experiences on set and her upcoming projects!


What was your favourite part about filming Teen Wolf?

The people – not only in front of the camera, but behind it. Yes, this is our job and we’re putting together a piece of entertainment for people but at the same time, real life happens on set. Kids get sick, there’s school, there’s people passing, there’s weddings and doctor’s appointments, it’s just real life! So not only was this my show but this was my life. And so many people were a part of it. To the movie industry, they’re ‘Hair and Makeup’ but to us, they’re Kim and Philly. It goes on and on. Like even one of my best friends was in charge of music supervision. And if not for Teen Wolf, I would never have met her. It’s just a big family reunion. So it’s really cool that we all do different things for a living but we come together and have this big thing in common. So the people in Teen Wolf made it a great experience, for sure.


How do you feel about the Teen Wolf fan base?

I feel so proud to have been a part of that network of people. I knew that Teen Wolf was something special and I thought I was crazy. But now, I believe I’m not crazy. I feel like I’ve been a big sister to millions of girls, that’s probably the best way to describe it. And I just want to know everything about them! Like, who do they watch Teen Wolf with? And do they watch it for entertainment or did it get them through a hard time? Did it help them to realise something about themselves? Some even watch it with their parents and  that’s cool, being some sort of a catalyst for the parent-child  relationship and even siblings become closer over it. People gain friends because of it if they once felt shy or felt like they had a barrier around them. It’s the fans and their stories which just light up my life.

Photo by MTV.

What projects are you currently working on?

After Teen Wolf, I got another job for Amazon. I’m playing an Irish girl in the 1890s and the project is called Lore. And then I was lucky enough to be part of another project called Channel Zero where I’m playing a girl named Zoe Woods, and that project will be out next year. With both projects, it was an amazing experience. I felt honoured to be working with incredible producers! I’m really excited for Channel Zero to come out! It’s been deemed as the best horror show that nobody’s watching, so you need to go and check out this show! It’s a bit of a strange, creepy show but really personal and sad and for me, it was a really special experience. It’s about two sisters with mental illness and one of them deals with schizophrenia. It’s a pretty intense psychological trip but I’m excited for everyone to see it.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I hope that it’s somewhere in nature, somewhere in the mountains. Hopefully, I get to have different animals around me. If I’m still in Los Angeles, maybe I’m acting. I hope acting is still in my life but if it’s not, that’s okay. There are other amazing professions out there and I hope I will find my way.


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