Raise your hand if you’ve stared at yourself in the mirror, pointing out your own flaws to yourself. Raise your hand if you’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed, filled with gorgeous people with sun-kissed skin, #flawless hair, and #eyebrowgoals – and felt insecure.

Raise your hands if you’ve ever because you feel you’re not enough, Not good enough, not strong enough, not pretty enough.

We are our own worst enemies. We are our own harshest critics. Even when others compliment us, we often immediately think about our flaws, not our strengths. As young people, it gets increasingly harder to navigate through this funny thing called life – and with social media broadcasting everything and anything, it’s harder to escape criticism and hate.

Let’s face it: There are a few billion-dollar industries out there profiting from our self-doubt and insecurities. It’s challenging for girls and boys in this selfie age to learn to love ourselves.

And that’s why WINK Models is calling people to #backyourself.

A social media campaign that recently launched, #backyourself challenges young people to showcase their self confidence in a healthy way, and be proud of who they are. It encourages us to use social media to build a positive self image, instead of letting these platforms get the better of us.

WINK Models founder Taryn Williams sums it up perfectly: “We need to be our own cheerleader, supporting ourselves by creating a positive conversation about who we are and the things we do.”

And to those who think this initiative is vain and shallow, to those who think people who take selfies are narcissistic and selfish, here’s the thing: There are bigger problems in the world than selfies. There are much bigger problems in the world than people who think they’re beautiful. One of those problems is people who think they’re not.

Besides, as Demi Lovato has asked: What’s wrong with being confident?

We have got to be our own hype squad. A positive self-image can translate into a positive attitude towards life. We can’t let our self-doubt and insecurities hold us back from reaching our full potential. If you can love yourself, just imagine how powerful you will be. To realise our own beauty is the most incredible thing ever.

Sometimes, I sleep too late, binge watch Ellen while ignoring my pile of calculus homework, emotionally eat too much chocolate. But my unhealthiest habit by far is constantly pointing out my own flaws.

But today, I’ve made my decision: I’m going to build myself up, instead of tear myself down. I’m going to be my own best friend. I’m going to #backmyself. Are you?