We are thrilled to be premiering the new music video by Auckland-based dreamy-indie band Goodspace. They’ve teamed up with Italy-based animator Ehsan Mehrbakhsh to create a universe of lo-fi, trip-hop surrealism. Check it out below and read on to our chat with the lads about their release.

You probably get asked this a lot but can you tell me about the name, Goodspace?

Lloyd: We make music from our good space. It’s our way of challenging the tortured artist narrative.

How do you maintain a good space?

Jeff: For us well-being/hauora and artistry have to evolve simultaneously. They both sit on the same pedestal. And as long as that’s happening, then we’re making music from a good space.

Tell me about when you wrote your song Kicking Stones?

Jeff: We wrote it last year and it was initially the product of Nick and I making beats together in my studio. We were playing with different approaches to songwriting.

Today we’re premiering the video for Kicking Stones. Can you tell me a bit about who made the video and how you came up with the idea for it?

Jeff: So Ehsan Mehrbakhsh is the brother of a friend I met in France a few years ago when I was travelling around Europe. I remember going to his place and looking at the walls and there were family photos and whatnot. Ordinary stuff.  And then there was this one crazy, surreal, super colourful, painting by Ehsan (I later found out). And I was like, what on earth is that? And then as the years went on, I always had him in the back of my mind for a collaboration, but I didn’t think we were quite making the music that would suit his style of animation or illustration. And then when we wrote Kicking Stones, I thought we might have something that would connect. We sent it to him, he replied immediately and said he loved it.

Did you give him some creative direction or was it all his ideas?

Jeff: It was definitely a collaboration of ideas. We came up with a few themes, and he sent a few initial sketches of characters and ideas. But I’d say that he pretty much had a vision from the beginning and the first storyboard that he sent through is more or less reflected in the final video. We wanted him to explore the theme of false first impressions and expectations and he did that through making objects undergo surreal, unexpected transformations.

What does the song Kicking Stones mean to you?

Nick: I feel like this song represents a significant transition in terms of introducing new elements of sound into our music. That, to me, means more than what the track says or is about. It’s the musical style and the fact that it’s a little bit different. Which is cool, because I think as we bring out more songs, people will see that we’re embracing more of that. It’s working with different production elements and moving into new territory.

Callum: For me, like musically, it’s quite relaxed and it sort of reminds me of a dissociative quality you get when you face the unknown, like a panic attack. So you kind of go from a high level of anxiety to a sort of subdued expression of that. For me, the music is kind of chill, but it has this underlying kind of spookiness to it.

Jeff: The original story behind some of the lyrics is when I was nine years old. I was in chapel with my mum at boarding school (Dilworth) and the offering bag came around, and I didn’t have any coins. So I pretended to put a coin into the offering bag and I shook the bag to make it sound like I’d dropped a coin. But my mum saw my deception and I’ll never forget the look of disgust and disappointment she gave me at that moment. It made my whole nine-year-old world crumble. I wrote the first verse about that. So it’s kind of like this funny, naive, guilty childhood story.

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