NZ Fringe is Wellington’s biggest little arts festival, and in 2015 it celebrates its 25th year of creativity, community and chaos.

The 2015 programme features puppets, ghosts, cups of tea, radio shows, a nest, Shakespeare, mind-reading hotdogs, hillbillies, fan-fic, divas, a paintball fight and a pre-work-dance-party-work-out-sexy-time!

“It’s been 25 years and Fringe artists are still surprising us with their innovation and creativity,” says Hannah Clarke, Fringe Director. “Fringe is proud to uphold the mantle of arts that live on the edge and defy category, and with no end in sight, we’re excited to keep being surprised.”

Fringe 2015 boasts 120 events; 700 performances. 40% are free / koha, and the programme includes an unprecedented 14 international acts coming from as far afield as the UK, France and Czech Republic. With over 50 venues all over the city, NZ Fringe is taking over Wellington with a riot of movement, performance, sight and sound.

Join the Fringe fun in Wellington from 20 February to 14 March, 2015. Check out some of the highlights, below, and for the full programme, click here.

Chameleon and Only Bones

Presented by: Chameleon
Genre: Physical Theatre

Chameleon is a physical theatre show bringing to life vibrant visual images in a bombardment of short sketches. Chameleon blends a camouflage aesthetic with physicality and absurd humour to form a show that is both conceptually rich and sneakily chucklesome. Only Bones is a solo performance of physical buffoonery.

Fringercise with Galaxy FM Mobile Radio

Presented by: Stephen Templer
Genres: Dance, Music, Other

The pre-work-dance-party-work-out-sexy-time, featuring the Solid Gold DJs and special guests. The party don't have to stop after the weekend – ride the groove train straight into your day. Party people get 15 extra mins of party every day! You know you want it. Don't fight the feeling.

I Predict A Riot

Presented by: NotreVie Productions
Genre: Other, Physical Theatre, Theatre

United we stand, divided we fall... or look out for number one? Enter the arena. Bring the skills you possess and be prepared to play. Balance risk and responsibility. Choose wisely and elevate your chances of survival.  Can you predict your fate?

Definitely Not Witches

Presented by: Kickin’ Rad Productions
Genre: Comedy, Improvisation, Theatre

We are Definitely Not Witches. But what we do is a little bit magic. Weaving stories and characters from nothing, four clever, funny not-witches present a unique hour of improvised theatre. You'll wish you could be our friend. (You probably can.)

Scales of Sunlight

Presented by: Debbie Fish
Genre: Visual Art

Look up along the Wellington waterfront and see an elegant sea creature glistening in the sunshine. See the light bouncing off her scales as they gently move in the wind, like rays of sunlight sparkling off the sea in the distance on a summer’s day.



Lady Liberty

Presented by: Infinite Dance Crew
Genre: Dance

An urban legend in New York tells the tale of the real Lady Liberty, a woman who inspired the famous statue and who still roams the city, unseen. Documentary photographer, Frankie Nichols, has been given the challenge to track down the real Lady Liberty and capture her on camera.

Suddenly Shakespeare

Presented by: Kickin’ Rad Productions
Genre: Theatre

Wanna be in a Shakespeare play? Wanna watch people do Shakespeare with no rehearsal? Come do those things! An actual Shakespeare play, chosen by the audience and performed by volunteers in a very lively live reading.

Wake Up Tomorrow

Presented by: Everybody Cool Lives Here
Genre: Comedy, Physical Theatre, Theatre

Wake Up Tomorrow follows Nathan's journey on a long-haul flight, where his mind drifts off into a space of suspended time and reality. This compelling adventure encourages audiences to embrace the potential of imagination and to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

13: The Soap

Presented by: Kickin' Rad Productions
Genre: Comedy, Improvisation, Theatre

A school year’s worth of drama in just one day. Head back to high school and join year 13 students and their teachers as they navigate life, love and laughs in 1995. 13 hours of immersive, improvised theatre. Come for the funny, stay for the heart.

Briefcase – Life in a Briefcase

Presented by: Ben Uili
Genre: Dance, Music

Street and contemporary dance come together in this moving and riveting portrayal of life experiences by award-winning street and hip hop dance artistic director Ben Uili. Experience street dance performed to the pulsating beat and rhythm of hip hop music along with the soothing sounds of orchestral music.

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