He’s one of the youngest, vibrant and energetic voices on the wireless, and his Instagram is probably the best thing since sliced bread. He hosts ZM’s night show Snapchart, and has recently toured the country as the host of Smokefree Rockquest’s Regional finals. I had a chat with radio host Cam Mansel and found out what he’s up to.

Cam grew up in one of NZ’s most beautiful cities, Tauranga. He always wanted to be an actor; he loved the idea of entertaining people. He was really involved with drama and performing arts at school, which he attributes as the main driving factor behind his confidence today.

“It was really good – really helped with my confidence”.

In his teens when he began to think about what to do once leaving school, his parents suggested a job in the media, something which Cam thought was actually a pretty good idea.

“I really liked what Ryan Secreast was doing – he was pretty cool”

Despite knowing he wanted a job in the media, he struggled immensely trying to figure out what to do.

“I expected it to happen quite quickly, but it actually took quite a while… the main thing is patience”.

Cam was eventually pretty confident that he wanted to pursue a career in broadcasting, so he headed down to Christchurch and studied broadcasting at NZ’s most well-known broadcasting institution, New Zealand Broadcasting School at Ara, or “B School” as it’s affectionately known.

After Broadcasting school, Cam dabbled in different bits of media, from TV to radio where he is now, working for NZME, which owns various New Zealand radio stations like Hauraki, ZM and Newstalk ZB, as well as papers like the NZ Herald. Before that, he did some reporting for the 4:30 Show on TVNZ 2.

“NZME has been my main job – seven years I’ve been there doing various roles”

“One thing a lot of people expect when they get into media is that you are in a job on air straight away, but that’s really not the case”

Cam eventually started his radio show in December 2016, implementing the fastest growing social media platform of the time, Snapchat, in the show. The show was to be called ‘Snapchart’, and there would be a nightly countdown of the most popular songs in the country, voted on by listeners on Snapchat.

It was an interesting idea – it was the first ever radio show countdown to be entirely decided by votes on Snapchat, and it’s really proven to be a success. In the most recent radio survey which details the ratings of radio shows, ZM’s Snapchart has one of the highest rating broadcasts in the 7pm to 12am time bracket, just behind stations like Newstalk ZB and The Breeze.

The show has also seen some pretty memorable interviews from Cam, such as sit-downs with artists like Halsey, Shawn Mendes and Bebe Rexha.

“I would probably say that Halsey was the person I was most excited to interview… she is just so cool”

“Also, I wasn’t really expecting Shawn Mendes to be so knowledgeable in music. He was pretty amazing”

He’s also attended some pretty awesome concerts – including the highly rated Kendrick Lamar show that was on a few days before our chat.

“My favourites at the moment would probably have to be Kendrick, Halsey, a bit of Celine Dion”

Despite all his interviews with some of the most famous faces in music, Cam still maintains that his favourite song is a classic, and one of the most successful in history.

“I’d honestly have to say Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s a classic”

In the few years Cam has worked in media, from talking to him, you can immediately tell that it’s his passion. Cam strikes me, and anyone who listens to him, as a charismatic, people loving, and extremely excitable figure, not someone who just talks into a microphone between songs each night. He’s entertaining, humorous and always posting the best pics on the ‘Gram, and I don’t think anyone sees that changing any time soon.

Cam’s advice for anyone wanting to get into the media industry is to just do it.

“Get out there and do it”

“Persistence is key”.


You can catch Cam on ZM’s Snapchart 7pm-12am weeknights and 12-2pm Saturday and Sunday.


ETHAN GRIFFITHS is TEARAWAY’s Political Editor. Young, passionate and a wannabe babysitter for Jacinda’s baby, Ethan won’t stop talking about politics. Likes a bit of cricket, wearing trendy ties and is in love with Jeff the purple wiggle.