Who is the first person that pops up in your head when you’re asked to think of a rising New Zealand star? Is it possible for Lorde to take over the world twice? Perhaps it’s the adorkable Jamie Curry that springs to mind?

For over 6,000 people, the answer may very well be 21-year-old YouTuber from Auckland, Chase vs Everything. A young, aspiring film-maker who consistently creates beautiful videos with stunning cinematography, he really does deserve every bit of attention he gets, if not more.

Not only has Chase been giving his audience useful life advice, sometimes through unconventional means, he has also raised awareness about net safety with WebRangersNZ and travelled all over the country, documenting his adventures with a level of artistry most of us wish we had.

So when I had an opportunity to interview him and find out a bit more about who he is outside of the screen, it was incredibly difficult to hide my inner fangirl and stop myself from asking him to just be my best friend forever. On second thought, maybe that’s exactly what I should have done. Sigh.


What made you interested in becoming a YouTuber?

I’ve always been interested in cameras ever since I was a little kid, so really it was just natural that I ended up trying video at one point! I really liked JacksGap and Danisnotonfire in the early days of YouTube, and then one day I came across this guy called KickthePj who was making videos on YouTube beyond what I ever realised was possible, so I decided I had to join in and I went from there!


What is your favourite and least favourite part about what you do?

I love getting to explore and shoot in beautiful places. I’m a little less fond of how long it takes to upload in NZ and all the nitty gritty tagging and metadata that goes on behind the scenes.


What fuels or inspires you creatively?

I kind of have this innate desire to capture and create beautiful things, so it flows from that. Plus, being around creative people really helps. I have a few friends that I constantly bounce ideas off, so I can’t really imagine making videos without them.


What is some advice you would give to a young person who wants to become a YouTuber?

I guess just to do it. Putting yourself out there is really scary and kinda of difficult, but if making videos is something you’re passionate about, then there’s no better place. I guess the biggest misconception is that you’ll make a lot of money or become really famous in a matter of weeks and sadly that isn’t the case, so make sure you’re not just making videos for that reason.


If people could only remember you by one video, which one would it be and why?

Probably Explore, Create, Repeat. It’s not my best shot video, nor has it the most views, but I think it really sums up what I am about and strive to do.

Who are your favourite YouTubers and why?

I really love a whole lot of small YouTubers who are doing exciting things and pushing boundaries in what is seen as normal on YouTube. If I had to pick five, I’d say Ana Marta, OrinsEyes, Grimbelism and RadHaggis as well as CaseyNeistat.


Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I definitely see myself travelling and making beautiful things for a living. Whether it’s on YouTube or even if it’s video, I’m not sure. I’m not really one for over-planning my life it seems, haha!


Moving onto the serious questions now, if you could have an endless supply of any food in the world, what would you choose?

Milk bottle lollies!


What is your biggest pet peeve?

Fussy eaters.


Favourite social media platform?

A tie between Instagram and Snapchat.


Cats or dogs?

I’ve never had either so can I pick c) Chickens? Otherwise, dogs, they seem pretty chill.


Whether you’re a long-time supporter, a new fan of Chase, or simply someone who has a passion to pursue, hopefully his journey so far will inspire you to go out and just do what you love. Just do it, because how else can you possibly live the dream?

Join Chase on his adventure: you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and obviously YouTube.