TEARAWAY Maverick JORDAN MURRAY on why the new Fable Anniversary is as good as remakes get.

If you needed any more reason to play the first Fable game again, then this is it.

I have to start by saying that I absolutely adored this game back when it was first released, and have adored it ever since. Many a rainy day was spent sitting in front of my old 14-inch telly with my chunky, too-big-for-my-child-hands original Xbox controller, exploring the world of Albion and questing to bring Jack down once again.

Fable Anniversary is exactly that game, but with achievements.

Now, that might sound like a bad thing, but trust me it isn’t.

The remake into HD graphics is not particularly impressive, I have to admit. I know that the Fable series has a particular cartoon unpolished-ness about it which adds to the charm of the games, but Anniversary still looks nothing like what we know our current generation consoles can achieve in terms of graphics. For me, this merely adds to the nostalgia factor. For those who are playing Anniversary without having played the original, it might seem a little underwhelming in terms of visuals.

The gameplay is very much the same. I haven’t quite got to the very end of the game yet, but so far I have seen very little deviation from the original Fable storyline and events, and that’s great. We were promised a remake, and we have been given one. Too often remakes decide that it would be better to change a little bit here and there, and that just takes away from the novelty.

The controls feel a little more fluid and responsive than that of the original game, and the menus are much nicer to navigate.

As I said, there is very little change other than quality improvements to the graphics and controls and the integration of achievements, which brings me to my favourite part of the game.

Fable Anniversary developers have knocked it out of the park with the achievements they’ve implemented. There are no ‘replay the entire game but with a guide that tells you where all the collectibles are’ achievements, there are no ‘tediously farm a specific area, searching for a specific item with a horrendously low drop rate’ and there are only four achievements which are even possibly missable.

But the best part is the new type of achievements that Lionhead Studios has come up with, springing from an idea they had: ‘For every achievement, a consequence’. These achievements have two different ways in which you can gain them, one usually being an easy way out of sorts. The way in which you complete them affects both your Xbox profile – the icon which appears when you achieve it tells everyone which way you did it – and the characters in the game, too.

For example, if you choose to take the easy way out of one of the achievements and eat until you become obese, instead of exploring the whole World Map, the NPCs will begin to judge you for that. There are fifteen of these achievements, my favourite of which has to be ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ – Earn 10,000 Gold from property rental, or die.’ Lionhead has worked the classic Fable humour into even their achievement list, and it really fleshes the game out and makes you want to work for those goals.

I could go on and on about Fable Anniversary, but I won’t.
I will simply say that I love this game. I love it very, very much.

Rating - Buy it !


Fable Anniversary is available on the following platforms:

Xbox 360


Publisher: Microsoft Studios

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