Hummus Recipe (3)#1. Hummus is one of my favourite study snacks. It’s super easy to make and delish to eat with vegetables like carrots and celery or crackers. I like to mix the flavour up by adding feta and spinach or sundried tomatoes. Spreading hummus on rice wafers is also very tasty.

#2. Trail mix is a great snack to nibble at for hours. It can be quite expensive to buy from the pick ‘n’ mix bins at supermarkets, so I make my own. I like to include a variety of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. M&Ms, chocolate drops or mini marshmallows can be added for a little treat.

#3. Popcorn is great brain food! You can pick up microwaveable packs in a variety of flavours for around a dollar from supermarkets. Alternatively, buy corn kernels and pop in a pot on your stove.

#4. You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit. You can mix things up by dipping apple in peanut butter or slicing a banana and mixing it with yogurt.

#5. Smoothies are super easy to make and you can pack them full of nutrients. Throw some fruit, yoghurt, cinnamon, water and a little ice in the blender and you are on the road to study heaven.

OK time to stop procrastinating…. off you go to study!


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