What have you been up to since we spoke at Festival One last year?

Well, a lot. I’ve been traveling the world. I went to Europe and I lived in London for a while and then I was in Berlin. That was after releasing my EP (Find me Here) in Auckland in February and I boosted straight after that. Did lots of writing over there and met people who I did music with over there, too. It was just a year of trying new things out really, music-wise.


What did you find were the differences in the European music industry?

I made a living off busking while I was there. That was pretty cool. Basically, I was able to really focus on my music and not feel stressed about that side of things. It was really good. Lots of people keen to collaborate all the time as well.


Do you find the public more generous to buskers over there?

It’s not like people are giving loads – they’ll just give a coin from their pocket – but I think there’s a lot of people who do that. You’ll stand there for a couple of hours. Kids coming up dancing and everyone’s quite chill and will stop for a moment, pause to listen and stuff. I guess in Auckland, if you play in Queen Street people are on their way somewhere. I think that’s the difference, people are a little more slower paced.


What did you miss the most?

All the crew here, the community that know me well. I missed family, home, Tairua where my parents have got a place we go on holiday. I miss being around the ocean as well. New Zealand is pretty magic.


What have you got planned for the next year?

I’m just focussing on my music this year; it’s really nice to be back with the band again. I’m writing lots and I’ll be recording. I’m working towards an album. I’m not sure if it’s going to be another EP of if it’s going to be a full album, but I feel like it could be a full album. Which is really exciting. And also We Stole the Sun, we are back together. We just had a bit of hiatus. We’re back, we’re going to jam this year and also Charles (Looker) and I are going to do some collab’s [sic]. I’ve got lots of people I’m going to hopefully be collaborating with in New Zealand… which kind of happened while overseas and I was going all these over the internet collab’s and it’s really  nice to be back in the same place and have a jam. Makes it easier.


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