Cookies are bundles of joy. Circles of beauty. As a vegan, I know it can be difficult to whip up desserts at a moment’s notice, with ingredients I already happen to have.

Here’s something easy and fun to make, that will infuse your kitchen with a delicious cinnamon-y, peanut butter-y scent. Mmmmmmm.

The first of this series is a tried-and-true recipe for peanut butter, oatmeal and raisin cookies. They are dense, chewy cookies (more cookie recipes to come though, for people with other preferences). They’re vegan but really anyone would love ‘em, and they only take 20 minutes. A batch will last up to five days in an airtight container in your fridge, or 4-5 months in the freezer. 

Feel free to experiment with the recipe; replace the rolled oats with coconut flour, or peanut butter with tahini (nut-free sesame seed butter). They’re even approved by my vegan friend, pictured below. Are you ready?

Vegan Cookie Crusaders! Photo by Debbie Tan.



2 cups rolled oats

1 can red beans (drained)

3 tbsp natural sweetener (I used raisins which I happened to have – you can use maple syrup, brown rice syrup or agave nectar if you’re classy.)

1 tsp cinnamon

Nut butter icing

100g peanut butter

A liberal amount of trail mix



Measuring cup


Baking tray and paper




  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius. 
  2. Meanwhile, prepare the icing.  This should take 3-4 minutes to prepare.
  3. Bring a small saucepan to medium heat. 
  4. Gently warm 3 tbsp of the sweetener.
  5. Using spoonfuls, gradually add 100g of peanut butter, stirring continuously.
  6. Take off heat. If you want, add some of the following to the icing: trail mix, dried fruit, vegan chocolate, mini pretzels. I added trail mix, which made a pretty chunky mixture. This icing is pretty intensely warm right now, so wrap with Gladwrap and let it chill in the fridge while you make your cookies.

    Cookie time
  1. Now that the oven’s been preheated, it’s cookie time.
    Blend the beans and pour into a mixing bowl.  Stir in the sweetener gradually.
  2. In a separate bowl (or just chuck it in the same one, I’m not judging), measure out 2 cups of rolled oats and 1tsp cinnamon. Mix thoroughly.  Gradually stir into the red bean mix (if you haven’t already).  The texture should be doughy: if it’s too dry, add more of the sweetener and if it’s too goopy, add more rolled oats. Treat it like Play-Doh and try to make a ball of it in your hands: it should be firm, hold its shape and be easily moldable.Baking
  1. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Form balls of cookies, then flatten them slightly to make pretty cookie shapes. Keep in mind these cookies need to be in their final form since no baking powder or other raising agent was involved in the making of these cookies. 
  2. Bake for 10 minutes. 
  3. Transfer to a cooling rack and let cool for 3-4 minutes (until your patience runs out). 
  4. Get that icing back out, and form into small balls.  Top each cookie with a ball of peanut butter-and-trail-mix icing, and flatten slightly.
  5. Enjoy! 🙂

Makes 16 cookies.

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