Disappointments, we all have them.

I imagine right now you’re all thinking that a super cool and successful individual like myself couldn’t possibly have any disappointments. But you’d be wrong; even I have disappointments.

I once had dreams of becoming Thomas the Tank Engine. Now I have to live with the fact that until science comes up with some way of merging man with train that I’ll just have to stay the way I am.

Okay, so maybe there are, like, two people in the whole world who don’t have any disappointments, one of them probably being this guy.

Hah, trolled you. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has probably had loads of disappointment delivered to their door by the DisEx*.

*Disappointment Express, you know, like FedEx, except for disappointment. Top notch creativity right there.

But if we don’t want to end up like Squidward, we have to deal with that disappointment and not let it hold us back.

Here are some tips that will hopefully be helpful. Who am I kidding? They are the best tips you’ll ever read. Maybe.


#1. Let yourself be disappointed, but don’t wallow.

It’s okay to feel disappointed. There’s no point trying to bottle it all up. Just let it out and move on. But don’t wallow. Nobody likes a wallower. Well, except for baby hippos – they’re the only acceptable kind of wallower.


#2. Keep on truckin’.

So you didn’t make the cut or get that dream job – that doesn’t mean you’re useless. Keep pursuing your goals in whatever way you can. There’ll always be another opportunity.  If Colonel Sanders hadn’t kept pushing his secret chicken recipe, despite being rejected over 1000 times (supposedly, anyway), we wouldn’t get to enjoy the heartburn and regret of a 12-piece bucket.


#3. Remember, life is a series of triumphs and setbacks.

“Johnny had an amazing life with absolutely no challenges or struggles and he got everything he ever wanted. Things remained this way until the day he died.” This would be the start to one incredibly boring book. What good story doesn’t see the main character struggle? Remember, your story is still being written. Your struggles help shape you into who you are and help make you an interesting person.


#4. Look for the good in the bad.

It sounds clichéd and trite, but it’s important. Sure, being disappointed sucks, but for most of us there is still a whole lot of good in our lives. Focus on that. It might be a hobby, a friend, your family – hold on to whatever is good.


#5. Check your expectations.

Start with small goals and work your way up towards the big ones. You want to be an actor? Maybe you won’t become the biggest actor in the entire world over night, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your acting dream. Set small goals that work towards bigger ones and see where life takes you.


#6. Don’t compare yourself to others; everyone’s path is different.

We seem to be constantly comparing ourselves to others. It’s a fault of the human race. Comparing yourself to someone else will often just make you more disappointed. The other person might be having success, but it doesn’t mean they don’t struggle and it doesn’t mean that you won’t have success one day either. Life is unpredictable. Everyone’s path is different. Those are two of the things that make life great.


#7. Keep meaning in your life.

One way to help move past disappointment is to retain meaning in your life. Your life has purpose; you just might need to figure out what that purpose is. Find some way to make the world a better place – it doesn’t matter whether its small or big.


#8. Help others.

Helping others is a great way to get over disappointment. It takes you out of yourself and sets your focus on someone else. Instead of locking yourself in your room all day, go help out your Nana with the gardening. You’ll feel better and there’ll probably be some baked goods in it for you.


#9. Pursue your passions.

Passions are a great way to deal with a lot of things. Whenever you’re feeling disappointed, rip into one of your passions – whether that means playing guitar, updating your blog, working on that epic film script you’re writing, or practicing for your sport of choice. Whatever it is, do it! It’s bound to make you feel better and take your mind off things.


#10. Exercise.

Exercise is a great way to reset your brain and feel good about things. If I’m feeling bleh and I go for a run, by the end of the run, the bleh is replaced by a gratefulness for what I have and excitement for the future.


#11. Seek encouragement.

When you’re feeling disappointed it can be hard to feel encouraged to push on, but you’ve got to. Seek encouragement in any way you can. Talk with a friend or loved one. Check out a motivational video on YouTube like this one, or this one, or this one. Go for a walk and appreciate the beauty that is around you. Realise that this isn’t the end.


Disappointment is a part of life. It’s how we deal with it that matters.


Need someone to talk to? Check out Youthline.