Die! Die! Die!’s Andrew Wilson had endured a day full of press when I chatted to him, but he still seemed in an upbeat mood, still buzzing from the recording of their latest EP What Did You Expect.

“We just had a lot of fun over a day in London at the end of a tour. We didn’t have any rules or expectations when we were making it, especially compared to [previous album] S W I M,” Wilson explained.

S W I M took a really long time, and we’re not a band that works very well with taking a really long time. I think S W I M is a really good sounding album, but it’s almost too well done. I almost think that you can’t really appreciate the intricate…I think we nit-picked it far too much. Whereas this one literally we were like ‘woo, yay’.”

It’s understandable that the band had such an awesome time recording the EP as it was recorded in a studio called Lightship 95, which in fact is a floating light ship on the river Thames. Fortunately for the band the boat sways very subtly so it didn’t distract their recording.

Strangely, however, the boat had a bit of history, which made it feel almost felt like fate.

“My cousin also lived on the boat, met his wife on the boat, and started a family on this boat, so it’s quite a strange coincidence really, with me being Kiwi and all.”

This year has been one of the quietest gig-wise for the band, but Andrew isn’t letting missing out on Kurt Vile at the canned Echo festival get him down. Die! Die! Die! were disappointed the festival got cancelled, but Andrew seemed really excited for the rest of his New Zealand shows coming up, especially his New Year’s homecoming show in Dunedin.

“We’ve played New Year’s Eve before and it ended up being a bit of a disaster timing-wise, because people are trying to get out for the countdown. Usually the band who are on before us get the countdown and we go on after. But I remember in Sydney on New Year’s Eve, we ended up only playing two songs and then the promoters kicked us off for the countdown. There were all these people dancing on stage and we didn’t have to play any more, like they had flown us all the way over from New Zealand for this one show and we played two songs.”

Sydney may have missed out on a long set, but that won’t be the case for us here in New Zealand when Die! Die! Die! tour the country. You get a copy of the EP for free at the door so make sure to get your tickets.