Demi Lovato
Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
26 April 2015
Reviewed by Patrick Campbell, Photos by Jess Suo

Last night was awesome. I got to see one of TEARAWAY’s favourite singers open for a world famous popstar, and then I got to see the popstar!

IMG_1230Seeing Jamie McDell open a show to a packed arena was amazing. Such an incredible talent singing her heart out to over 10,000 people. It was insane, and she killed it! What a way to start off a show.

Demi’s set began with a haka, welcoming her and us, before her band began her intro. A giant screen flashed images of her until she came on stage and launched straight into Really Don’t Care. From then on it was all go; song after song, a few mashed together to create a seamless effect, and get even more tracks from her big discography.

There was no denying Demi has an astonishing voice, and her stage presence was one to match entirely. She played a few non-singles, but mainly stuck to her well-known tracks and kept the crowd hyped. Songs like Let It Go, Heart Attack and Give Your Heart A Break were fan favourites, but for me, nothing could beat when she played a stripped-back version of Get Back. Skyscraper was also a highlight. The latter had everyone feeling emotional and singing along. It was kind of incredible seeing that much passion being put into a performance.


For me, the only let down was a speech in the middle where she discussed Bruce Jenner’s transition to becoming a woman. In this speech, she spoke of how brave and courageous Bruce was, and how important it is that we as a society support this – that was awesome.

What was not awesome however, was when she said “I can see him holding a martini, flicking his hair, like ‘YASSS’ and ‘Hair goals! Slay!’” It’s not really a good look to stereotype and insult the LGBTI culture when you’re speaking about how we should support it. For me that was a step too far, and others agreed; one person remarked upon leaving: “That bit I definitely felt was offensive.”

Aside from that, Demi was perfect. The screen behind her showed images from her music videos, personal life and more, whilst her band supported her powerhouse vocals with an incredible sound. By the time she returned for her encore of Neon Lights, there was not a person in the crowd who wouldn’t have wanted to see her play for another hour. Luckily, they had already gotten more than their money’s worth from the show, and there were many pleased faces streaming out of the arena.



  • Get Back was so good. I could have heard that on repeat for an hour and a half.
  • Skyscraper. SERIOUSLY. What a song! Remember the feels and the turmoil? It was all there!
  •  She’s so cool. The entire show was Demi rocking out on stage. CRAY.


  •  That speech though…
  •  She didn’t play anything from Camp Rock.
  •  I still don’t like having anything to do with Frozen, so I found Let It Go difficult to deal with.