DC is home to some of the best superheroes and supervillains in all of literature, television and film. Thanks to the help of modern technology and intriguing writing, we are in the second golden age for the genre, and as a result, it has become a lot cooler to be a fan of superheroes.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products as well as DC Entertainment have teamed up to celebrate the world’s love of masked vigilantes, aliens, and really fast runners, by attempting to set a new world record. Not just any record that could take place in someone’s house – or a television set. No, this one required the whole world’s involvement. Thousands of people internationally bonded together to set a record for ‘the largest gathering of people dressed as a DC superhero’.

Last week it all kicked off in Queensland, Australia. From Wonder Woman to The Green Lantern, all heroes were represented. In the same 24-hour period, in places like Mexico, Spain, France, Brazil, The United Kingdom, The Philippines and Italy, people cosplayed as the characters they’d always dreamed of being. It all eventually came to a close in Los Angeles, a suitable place to finish – DC’s new home, after very recently moving there from New York.

The event was a great success, with the President of Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Brad Globe thanking fans around the world for joining in and “celebrating the power and appeal of these iconic characters”.

DC is continuing to grow and it’s never been better to be a fan! A few things to look forward to in the near future, brought to you by DC, include:

PlayStation 4/Xbox One game Batman Arkham Knight (23.06.15)
Television shows Arrow, Flash and Gotham
Movies Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman, The Justice League and Suicide Squad
Comic Book Series Convergence