21-year-old Bronwyn Kan has always wanted to design a publication, but one thing she never expected was to be creating an entire book.

Bronwyn’s first book, Whole: Recipes for Simple Wholefood Eating is now available for pre-order through Beatnik shop.

Bronwyn is a recent graduate of AUT University’s Bachelor of Design. She describes her time there as a place where she was encouraged “to play, experiment and explore a lot”. It’s an experience she not only appreciates but also carries with her in her everyday life. “I’m always encountering new ideas, people and places that inspire me – design is a wonderful way to incorporate and showcase this.” This incorporation can be seen through the merging of graphic design with her other love, food.

Initially a university project, Whole was initially inspired when Brownyn crossed paths with friends who run “the yummiest superfood smoothie business,” Organic Mechanic. “They’re true believers in and taught me about the power we each possess to revolutionise our own health through the food in which we choose to consume,” explains Bronwyn. “I decided to use my assignment as an opportunity to reach out further and collaborate with more inspirational individuals to continue sharing this message with the world.”

The likes of kale and quinoa are often considered food fads, that fade or are replaced quickly. But for Bronwyn, a wholefoods diet has the potential to become the norm, especially as we become more conscious of what we consume.

Simply put, Bronwyn describes this lifestyle as “one that does not deny me from enjoying certain foods, but is as rich in nutrient-dense wholefoods as possible. I embrace this diet and lifestyle because it leaves me feeling so much better inside and out and gets me excited every day about getting into kitchen and preparing my own food too.”

However, she emphasises that “no two bodies are alike and the same goes for your diet” and encourages people to find a way of eating that works for them. “The best diet is simply one that makes you feel the healthiest and happiest,” she states.

Bronwyn describes her book as one for “those who love to cook, share, and enjoy good wholesome food that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.” The recipes come from the founders of some well- known New Zealand health and wellness blogs and businesses, such as The Raw Kitchen, Mondays Wholefoods, Be Good Organics, The Caker and many more.

The book teaches us how to incorporate more natural, nutrient-dense ingredients into our everyday food choices. Many of the recipes are based around only a handful of ingredients, keeping it simple as possible.

While the collation process was at times, overwhelming for Bronwyn, it’s a journey she truly enjoyed. She says that, ultimately “the book is a reflection of our newfound friendships… by working closely together, we’ve compiled a varied collection that showcases [our] eating philosophies.”

Social media played a major role in collating Whole and it’s something that the creator values. The message that Bronwyn has for aspiring food bloggers and cookbook writers is to explore different social media platforms and most importantly, to run with whatever ideas you might have. “There are so many outlets nowadays that there’s one bound to be perfect for you to share your ideas with the world. And if you have an idea for a new blog that you’ve been meaning to create for some time but never really got around to it, do it now! Off you go!”

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To learn more about Bronwyn Kan and to pre-order her book: Bronwyn Kan’s website, Bronwyn Kan’s Instagram, Pre-order WHOLE – Recipes For Simple Wholefood Eating