Conor Oberst
The Powerstation, Auckland, New Zealand
March 03, 2015
Reviewed by Patrick Campbell

It’s been a decade since we saw Conor Oberst grace our shores, but as it turns out it was worth the wait. Once the frontman of Bright Eyes and now a successful solo artist, Oberst showcased his natural talent and ability in a special show at The Powerstation last night.

Opening band The Felice Brothers started the night off well; violin, accordion, and voices to spare. The boys created an amazing sound that could have been coming from a group twice their size. The highlight of their set however, was when Conor joined them for a final song.

That was not the end of the night for the brothers, as they returned to the stage with Oberst again as his backing band. And just like that it began – an incredible set spanning Oberst’s work in Bright Eyes, his solo work, and even some tracks by The Felice Brothers.

Simple lights kept the band dimly lit as they played through track after track. Sometimes Oberst was alone, sometimes he was surrounded by a troupe of musicians, even a female backing singer occasionally.

The show was easy, chill, and elegant – there are no other words. After a moving tribute to Leonard Nimoy, Oberst exclaimed: “We don’t come here very often so we are gonna keep playing for a bit.” And so they did.

There’s not much more you can say about the show, I was simply mesmerised the entire time. He may not have played my favourite song, and he may have slightly scared me sometimes with his voice and confidence, but more than anything he completely impressed me.

In less than two hours I was turned from a casual listener to an absolute fan. As long as he doesn’t leave us waiting ten more years until he comes back, I am happy.