Instead of getting into the tough job market, many young people decide to take a different road. The road of “I’ll be my own boss.” They start their own businesses or NGO organisations. If you have a great idea, it’s best to bring it to life before it’s too late for it. You’ll still be dealing with the job market, though. You’ll only be on the other side of the play.

The job market today is a highly competitive one and you probably feel completely lost when it comes to attracting the top talent out there. Many companies are finding it difficult to attract top talent, especially if they’re looking for a particular kind of specialisation. Labour shortages are obvious in just about every field out there. Companies take an average of 27 days to fill a vacant position, which is way too much when production has to continue uninterrupted.

Tough situation? Yes!

Completely unsolvable? Not by a far stretch!

The manner in which you look for qualified professionals and your job interviews will be determining the outcome. If you just carry out yet another interview, most top candidates will forget about the company in a couple of hours. There are various things you can do to stand out and attract some of the best professionals out there.


Take Interviews Out of the Office

The standard recruitment process has many merits but it also misses the mark in a number of ways. Millennials are entering the job market more and more and your approach towards these candidates should be anything but traditional. Millennials are hip and cool. If your hiring process is hip and cool, as well, it will be a match made in heaven.

A simple thing you can do to stand out is to take the job interview out of the office.

Offsite job interviews are becoming the norm. They’re usually carried out in more informal settings, which allows candidates to loosen up and communicate more effectively with the interviewer.

A hip local café will provide the perfect surroundings for a job interview. The settings can be used to your advantage. Look for a quiet public venue that allows for extensive communication. A public venue that’s not corporate will pose some challenges to the candidate (for example, how to dress appropriately for such a meeting), which will give you tons of additional information about their professionalism.


Online Interviews are Another Great Idea

If you’d like to attract top talent, there’s one thing to keep in mind – most of these professionals are already busy. To make the interview stand out, you should be capable of offering such experts some degree of flexibility.

Flexibility can be as simple as turning your computer on. Feeling confused? Here’s how you can do it.

An online video chat interview is a great idea. It allows the candidate to participate from any location. People who are already employed by another company will appreciate such an opportunity. Often, such professionals will simply lack the time to come to your venue and participate in a face-to-face interview.

Video interviews should be treated in the exact same ways as personal meetings. It may be a good idea to think about the timeframe for conducting such an interview in advance. This way, both parties involved will know what to expect and they’ll find it a whole lot easier to plan accordingly.


Bring Social Networks into the Mix

Most companies follow a standard process when looking for professionals – they post an ad, they collect resumes and they invite the most suitable candidates for an interview. Social media can be used to switch things up a little bit.

Many recruiters are already relying on professional social networks like LinkedIn to identify the top candidates for the position. Reliance on such platforms makes it a lot easier to eliminate the clutter and to attract solely candidates that have an interest in the position.

It’s also possible to ask for a link to the LinkedIn profiles of candidates instead of standard resumes. Needless to say, such an approach is different from what companies typically do. If you put emphasis on a person’s digital presence, chances are that you’ll make the position memorable right from the start.

There is no need to have a massive stack of paper-based resumes to go through and look for suitable candidates each time you need to hire. All of this information is available at your fingertips, if you know how to use the power of social media for more effective recruitment.


Invite Candidates to Spend a Day in the Office

Instead of telling people about the work that you do, you can definitely show them what the position is all about.

Once you have short listed a couple of people who seem to be a good match, you may want to invite them for a day at the office.

Inviting people to spend a day observing the work that you do is an excellent idea when it comes to letting them “feel” the atmosphere and immerse themselves in the work process. Such interactions provoke emotional responses and people can find themselves even more drawn to the opportunities that you have to offer.

People have a certain perception about a company or its work culture but such perceptions are often based on clichés and stereotypes. Giving people a behind the scenes glimpse will make it much easier for them to imagine what it would be like to work for the respective organization.


Do a Team Interview

Getting professionals other than the HR team involved in the interviews is another great idea.

Team interviews give candidates some information about where they’ll be working, what kinds of people they’ll be partnering up with and what the expectations for the specific position are.

As qualified as they are, HR professionals can’t really give candidates a good idea about the details and the precise specifics of the job. Team interviews feature dynamics between multiple people, which is why they can reveal a lot of information that will remain concealed otherwise.

There are many things you can do to make your recruitment process stand out. Choose the right approach on the basis of the candidates you’re trying to attract. Focus on the specifics of the job, the values that matter the most for the respective organisation and differentiating yourself from the competition. If you manage to accomplish these goals, you will conduct some of the most memorable job interviews out there.


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