We live in a world where people are so fast to judge, everyone thinks they know. But we are not born racist, sexist, judgemental. We learn to use such labels, we choose to stereotype others. We are taught to hate.

I think we forget that each of us are all the same in the end. We are all human. There is this theory that states ‘people are taught at a very young age through their upbringing to believe and stand for many different deplorables’ (deplorables being such things like sexism, racisim, xenophobia and so on). So if we go with this theory that we are taught these horrible reasons for judging people we could put homophobia down to a simple lack of understanding, a lack of insight and knowledge. There are a lot of misconceptions about homosexuality, for example, one does not wake up one day and decide to be gay. It’s not a decision, it’s not learnt or taught in a class. It just is what it is.

It’s rather funny how in a time where almost all the food we eat is no longer natural that homosexuality is being dismissed and regarded as ‘unnatural.’ Just think about this: what did you do today that was unnatural? Did you ride in a car or a bus? Did you wake with a roof over your head? I mean, surely you used a cell phone…

Until 1987, homosexuality was officially considered to be a mental disorder, patients were “treated” in a horrifying and inhuman manner. It was then obviously discovered that there is no treatment for being gay. So I need to set this straight (no pun intended); homosexuality is not another one of those unnatural things man created. And to use ‘it’s unnatural’ as a homophobic statement is just pathetic.

The time has come for people to open up to the world that exists and has existed for a very long time. There are some aspects about the world that you can change and others you simply can’t. It’s understandable that it won’t be easily accepted or tolerated by the conservatives, but amongst us, the new generation, surely?

I call it an underlying tendency. It’s difficult to explain, but I’ll try. Consider this scenario related to racism: A white woman plans on walking home, from her friend’s house through a nearby street. Her friend tells her that the street is full of African-American homes. She now thinks, “Maybe that’s not safe” and reconsiders her path home. It’s not about being openly or vocally against, say, African-Americans. The woman isn’t holding signs or yelling obscenities. It’s about that small voice inside your head.

Over 1000 individual rights and benefits are denied to homosexual men and women in America. These are basic human rights. In America for example, If the love of your life was dying in hospital there is a chance that you would not be able to see them. Simply because you are not considered to be part of their family, because gay marriage is not taken seriously, because it is regarded as ‘unnatural’ and goes against religious beliefs. Which is totally untrue because in fact it goes against everything religion has taught us, to love, to respect others, to give and do good.

Is that fair? Does hating on someone, or not accepting them because they are different make you any better? Does it make you religious and accepted by God?

Thousands of gay men and women report homophobic abuse/attack in the the UK alone per year. How would you feel if you got attacked for holding the hand of the person you love? In our country It’s different, but in the US, 75 percent of students have no state laws to protect them from harassment and discrimination in school based on their sexual orientation. That number will help you to imagine the amount of adolescent suicides happening because of this matter.

So, homophobia. It affects us all, we constantly judge others, or we are judged ourselves. I believe that everyone should be able to voice their own opinion. Not just the young, overly confident male fashionista and the old, strictly religious white woman. Even us in the middle can speak up against what we deem to be wrong. And homophobia, that I deem wrong.


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