When searching the shelves for new beauty products, I’m sure you’ll see coconut oil being listed in so many of your favourite natural products. No, coconut oil isn’t just for cooking. It’s an amazing moisturiser for your skin, works wonders for your hair, and is naturally antibacterial and antifungal!

It costs $45 for a 1000ml container of organic coconut oil, but that’s really cheap considering how much use you’ll get from this single container. Let me break down some of my favourite ways to use it.


Skin care

Forget makeup remover wipes and just use coconut oil. Why spend money on remover wipes only to use them once and then throw them out? All you really need is a 20 cent-sized bit of coconut oil. Rub it all over your face and gently wipe off your makeup. Once you’ve done that, just get a clean face cloth and rinse it off.

You can also use coconut oil as a cleanser, just do the same steps as you would to take your makeup off.

Moisturising is so important, am I right? Coconut oil is the perfect moisturiser for your whole body. You can use it as an everyday moisturiser, just use as much or as little as you like. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Photo by Taniesha Parker.

Hair care

The thought of putting oil in your hair might seem a bit weird; why would you want to make your hair greasy on purpose? But coconut oil is a natural oil – the vitamins and fatty acids found inside it nourish the scalp and help with healthy hair growth.

One of my favourite ways to use coconut oil is as a hair mask. All you need for this is to melt ¼ – ½ a cup of coconut oil, spread it throughout your hair and wrap it up in glad wrap or just in a bun on your head. Leave it in for 30 minutes, then wash it out. This will leave your hair feeling so soft and healthy.

If you have curly hair like me and you have to deal with the struggles of frizzy hair, get some coconut oil! After washing your hair, give it a little bit of a dry with your towel, then melt some coconut oil in your hands and run it through your hair with your fingers. You can scrunch up parts of your hair so you still get a nice curl. By doing this, your hair won’t be frizzy when it dries. You can also use coconut oil in your dry hair to add a bit of life back into it. Just use your desired amount, melt it in your hands and run it through your hair.

Top tips

  1. You can purchase coconut oil from most supermarkets and Bin Inns, or online.
  2. The coconut oil comes as a solid, but if your house is hot and when the weather gets warmer it will melt a little. So when you get some out of the container, you just need to rub it in your hands to melt it to a liquid.

What are you favourite natural products?