“What’s up, what’s up, what’s up!”

From the first sentence of our 15-minute interview, I knew this one with Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg was going to be one of a kind.

Two YouTubers with a following of over 6 million each, these guys are incredibly fun and truly hilarious. Putting aside one hour of their time for interviews from across the globe, I was privileged enough to have a quick chat with these global superstars.

The pair are in New Zealand on the 10th of November for a one-off live show at ASB Theatre, promoting their new movie Joe and Caspar: Hit the Road USA, where they trek across America, basically doing crazy things ON CAMERA. Although that’s pretty much their life anyway, isn’t it?

The new hit, the stars say, is going to be a huge step up from their last one, with more challenges, more craziness and more fun than the last. Certainly sounds exciting!

With regards to the differences between performing live and in front of the camera, Caspar explained that when recording a YouTube clip they can do “whatever they want,” and make sure that “the videos are actually funny.” When performing live there is a whole different pressure on the system.

I asked them how they switch off or relax, especially as their entire lives revolve around the internet and an online presence. Having a bath and going to the gym were tabled, as was Netflix… but Netflix and chill was a step too far. The fact that they have such a huge worldwide audience means any time is a good time for groups of their fans to access content. Caspar pleaded, “You guys can take some time off as well!”

Fandom is another aspect which follows them at all times. From fans throwing phones over fences just so that they have to come over and get it on the YouTubers property, to stranger marriage proposals in Hungary, the pair have certainly had their fair share of interesting fan experiences.

Finally, I asked them what their hardest challenge in America was. Not much was revealed, the pair claiming: “You will need to watch [the film] to find out.”

Ultimately, it was a tremendous opportunity and experience to interview these global superstars – and yes, they are definitely as quirky in real life! But back to the toughest challenge they faced?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…


Tickets to Joe and Caspar’s live Auckland show are now available! Click here to grab yours. The show is on 10 November at the ASB Theatre.

And just so you don’t have to go hunting for it yourself, here is the trailer for Hit the Road USA! Keep watching for a special announcement from Caspar…