Charli XCX
The Powerstation, Auckland, New Zealand
May 5, 2015
Reviewed by Patrick Campbell

I am really unsure how to feel right now. I’ve waited since the end of 2012 to see Charli XCX live, and now it has happened I just wonder: What if I had seen her back then?

I love Charli; her original music – which she bashed playfully on stage, discussing its bad sales – was a soundtrack to my teenage rebellion. I still listen to True Romance, as well as her mixtapes, all the time.

Charli’s new music is cool – not as cool as her old stuff, but still cool. The show last night was mainly centered around her recent album Sucker, taking aim at all the fakes, the bigots and the industry.

Charli XCX

Photo: iHeartRadio

Starting off with the ruthless title track of the album, Charli had The Powerstation in her hands already. She pulled the middle finger at everyone she dislikes and tore up the stage in sunglasses and a zebra skirt. From then on, it was a fast-paced show, as with her female band, she raced through the majority of the album, plus a few older tracks.

Whilst the latter weren’t well received by the crowd, there was still a great vibe in the air and XCX showed true artistry by injecting her energy into the crowd.

At the beginning it all seemed to be going well, but slowly XCX began to forget lyrics and started saying weird things in between songs, hinting at a deep unhappiness with her current situation. Things just got weirder from then on; at one point Charli lay on the floor and skipped a song in the set, whilst her band looked genuinely confused.

I’m not quite sure what was going on, but as the set came to a close and she yelled out, during Break The Rules: “I hate my songs,” everyone knew something was definitely unusual.

Charli XCX

Photo: iHeartRadio

By the time she returned for an encore – in a cake outfit – and had the crowd sing happy birthday, it was forgotten and she breezed through the three-song encore.

Closing with Boom Clap, the show ended as it started. The audience was in awe of Charli’s voice, presence and general being.

It was weird, but it was awesome.



  • I saw Grins live?!?!?!?!
  • I saw Superlove live??!?!?!
  • Charli was ruthless and a total rockstar


  • The entire weird antics thing
  • She didn’t play many of her older tracks
  • The crowd was kind of a downbuzz.