Did you know that Smokefreerockquest has a sister music competition?

Smokefree Pacifica Beats, like Smokefreerockquest, is a live youth music event in New Zealand, with a cultural twist. Celebrating the unique cultural identity of Aotearoa and the South Pacific, it gives young musicians the stage to prove their musical ability.

There are four criteria, of which at least two must be met:

1. LANGUAGE – At least 25% of any Maori or Pacific language

2. SOUND – A traditional instrument from Aotearoa or the Pacific

3. ACTION – Traditional movement, dance and/or action from Aotearoa and the Pacific (e.g. haka, poi, siva, hula…)

4. IDENTITY – Lyrics or a style that reflects Maori and Pacific cultures.

Smokefree Pacifia Beats encourages musicians to reflect on Maori and Pacific culture and encourages creativity in mixing these cultural components with contemporary music.

Just like with Smokefreerockquest, there’s a bands category and a solo/duo category. Plus there are some mean-as prizes, including a ten thousand dollar NZ On Air song and video recording package!


Last year’s winner was Soulful 7 from Auckland Girls Grammar. Seini Pua, a member of this harmonious group says that Smokefree Pacifica Beats is “more than a competition… it’s pure joy to be doing something you love, with people you love and supported by people you love”.

Soulful 7 dropped their video earlier this year, check it out!

For more information, check out the website here.

I’ll see you next week for another update on Smokefreerockquest. We here at Tearaway can’t wait for the finals!