OPINION: From Behind Bars To In Front Of The Ballot Box

According to AZARIA HOWELL, in 2010 a law passed that should’ve never been drafted. It was the law forbidding inmates to vote if they were in prison on election day. What has been called “inconsistent with the Bill of Rights” by the High Court is still an enforced law in New Zealand to this day, and in Azaria's opinion, not rightly so.

Report: What the heck is going on in politics?

This week played host to what could well be one of the biggest scandals in New Zealand politics in the last ten years, and likely the biggest political fallout between two politicians of the same party in over thirty, and it’s all due to disgruntled former National MP Jami-Lee Ross. Political editor, Ethan Griffiths, and Maverick, Azaria Howell, fill you in on all the dirty politics.

What’s up with Trump?

Almost half way through his first term in office, it’s becoming clear that Trump simply can’t keep away from controversy, criticism and what now looks to be dissension. Its scary and troubling, yet at the same time, it provokes a ton of political excitement. He’s been all over the news within the last 24 hours, after having a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, where he came out and said that he trusts Russia when they say they didn’t interfere in the US election. Without the jargon and political dilly-dally, what the hell is going on?

Trump’s ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Immigration Policy: The Role Young New Zealanders Play

Trump’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy which separated migrant families who illegally crossed the U.S. border was horrifying. It was inhumane and cruel. On top of that, it violated international law that protects children, immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. We spoke to NZ politician Golriz Ghahraman, who has a background in international human rights law, about the policy and the role young New Zealanders play.