Make Way For True Inspiration

Creativity, Inc is an utterly inspiring story. Anyone interested in movie-making, creating a successful business, improving their leadership skills or just understanding how to push the limits of their creativity: This book is for you.
The Blind

It’s My Life: Smokefree Summits

Smoking is bad news, we know. The good news though, is that Massey University has been doing its part to help New Zealand get closer to achieving Smokefree 2025. Massey has hosted a series of Smokefree Summits across all three of its campuses, in Wellington, Manawatu and Albany. By Honourary Maverick JANAYA SOMA.

What IS Healthy Eating, Anyway?

Maverick JASON KIM is slowly working through every topic on Earth to bring you things you’ll wish you knew a few years down the track. Thanks, Jase. In this issue, he looks at the often confusing subject of how to eat healthily – and discovers it’s a lot more straightforward than he thought.

A Young Genius at Work

The team from Zeal doesn’t just mentor and support young musicians, they’re getting behind our emerging visual artists, too. By Honourary Maverick, GRACE KING.

The 5pm Project

ANNA HENVEST reviews one of the last shows of the NZ International Comedy Festival, with a line-up including Guy Williams, Rose Matafeo, Joseph Moore, and loads more.
Can We Change Drinking Culture

Can We Change Drinking Culture?

We all know the stats: One in five New Zealand drinkers have “hazardous” drinking patterns – that’s around 532,000 people*. But it’s just part of our Kiwi culture, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. There seems to be this national myth that the only way to have fun is to get completely smashed. We can be the ones to change that. By Maverick DYLAN GOWAN.

They Gave Us Rifles

"The first screech of a shell emerges from overhead and an explosion erupts nearby, mud, shrapnel and water hurtling into the air and landing in our hole." A short story by JAMES EUNSON.

Use Your Voice

By making your voice heard in this year’s general election on September 20, you get to choose who will represent you in Parliament. It’s your best chance to influence the future of the nation. By Maverick JEROME SEARS.