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Creative Careers: Asher Freeman Jewellery

Asher Freeman describes his jewellery company, Freeman Jewellery Design in three words: Ethical, bespoke and handcrafted. With ten years of experience under his belt, Asher is no stranger to the industry and this week. By MANDY TE.
Hosts of What Now?

Livin’ the Dream: What Now Behind the Scenes

What Now is a wild place to be in the early hours of Sunday morning. As they eagerly await the chance to see the number one kids' TV show in the country, young peeps' cheering can be heard loud and clear from outside Whitebait Studios in Christchurch. Having grown up with the show, we all know it well, but what is it like to actually work there? TEARAWAY Maverick KATE SPENCE went backstage to find out.