Kinect Sports Rivals

One of the most exciting things about the mandatory Kinect camera released as part of the Xbox One console was that every single gamer would have one in their loungeroom. So now that we finally have a game suited to this hardware, how does it stack up? Can it do what developers claim? Jarred Shakespeare finds out.

Linkin Park Partners with Team Dakota to Launch Interactive Music Video

Linkin Park has joined forces with Team Dakota and Microsoft Studios to put a new twist on the delivery of music and video games. In celebration of Linkin Park’s upcoming album, Team Dakota has handed the “Project Spark” keys to Linkin Park to create the first-ever entirely remixable and interactive music video and gameplay experience.

Writer’s Block

Dangling desperately above the shark tank, Mr Q knew the game was up. Either he let go of the iron bar and fall to his doom, or he’d have to give in and betray his family to the enemy.