In Review: POWER

Girls supporting girls, learning to love our bodies, and allowing yourself to not care about what anybody else thinks of you. And all set to the catchy songs of British pop girl group Little Mix! JOANNA LI reviews the show POWER, and caught up with producer Sara Cowdell.

Drax Project’s On Top of the World

It’s no secret kiwi group Drax Project have been making serious waves overseas with the likes of Hailee Steinfield and Camila Cabello. We caught up with the jet setting musicians to talk highlights, touring and what the crowds at their fast-approaching NZ shows can expect.

The Common Room: Opinion – Turn Back Time

The Associate Minister of Education was challenged on the first official day of Youth Parliament 2019 by Youth MP Xavier Turner on the issue of Maori history and the NZ educational curriculum. This issue has come up again and again at Youth Parliament and we have to wonder what is really going on. Our Youth MPs are calling out for something to change and they are yet to be heard.

My Journey With Endometriosis

The amount of hot water bottles I’ve utilised seems to be unparalleled with anyone else on this earth. Even my kettle, born for the job of creating boiling water, was getting sick of it. And, oh God, so was I. Our Maverick, AZARIA HOWELL, shares her experience with endometriosis, surgery, and recovery.

Let’s Deal With It: A Trans-Tasman Conference Towards Racial Equity

Following the Christchurch massacre, the voices of Muslims, migrants, and refugees were brought to the forefront and sparked a nation-wide conversation about how deeply racism flows through our country. Shakti New Zealand, along with organisations such as the Khadija Leadership Network, are continuing the conversation with their free one-day conference, Let's Deal With It: A Trans-Tasman Conference. Our Editor, NIDHA KHAN, spoke to Tayyaba Khan, the co-founder of the Khadija Leadership Network, about the conference and her experience with promoting diversity and addressing discrimination in New Zealand.