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Marvel’s Daredevil is Destined For Glory

You might have heard of Netflix's new Daredevil series and thought to yourself: "Gosh, do we really need another superhero series?" Or, maybe you didn't. Either way the answer is yes, yes we do. Marvel's Daredevil is another great product of Disney owned Marvel but unlike other entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Daredevil is more gritty, dark, and real.

Maverick Jam #11: Study Hardy

It’s the first term holidays and mid-semester break. Some of you are on holiday and relaxing, but others are shrugged over a dimly lit desk reading through course books. For this, in order to avoid the harsh typing and giggling of the students around you, a playlist is needed.

The X Factor Wrap-Up: Week 4

The X Factor NZ this week bought the ‘One Hit Wonder’ live shows, with the Top 10 contestants taking on hits from the past and present. You may remember these songs staying at #1 on the NZ music charts for so long that you ended up hating them – and then never hearing from the artists ever again… until now! By HAZEL REID.