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Theia is 99% ANGEL, it’s a fact

The Not Your Princess songstress is back with her new mixtape, 99% Angel and we jumped on Zoom with the virtual backdrop queen herself, Theia on release day to talk about her latest project, creating visuals and performing online in virtual concerts during the lockdown.

Conversations With My Immigrant Parents

"I hope people feel warm, feel heard and feel like they can relate even if they’re listening to a story coming from families with completely different backgrounds to themselves. The stories are all so different and they might not all be what we expect immigrant stories to be."

In Review: Cavetown

Cavetown's a soft-hearted indie artist who doesn't need review marketing as he speaks to his gen-z fans through social media — but he's left the Auckland crowd so starry-eyed, we just had to write a review anyway.

Marianne Leigh and her latest EP

It’s a warm December morning, and instead of being at the beach, I’m weaving my way through the busy street of Auckland’s Britomart – that’s because I’m on my way to chat to rising singer-songwriter Marianne Leigh and producer Nate Selway on the release of her debut E.P Timeline.

In Review: Parasite

According to JIMIN SEO there is a reason that this instant cult-classic won the Film D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and a reason that just about any film aficionado is obsessing over it; Parasite is so impossibly relatable and so terrifyingly realistic.

5 Minutes Backstage with Taylor Grey

With American pop musician Taylor Grey touring New Zealand recently, we caught up after her set backstage to chat touring the world with Why Don’t We, playing live in NZ for the first time and juggling college papers in between performing on stage and travelling.