Art & Culture

Art Kit: Fatimah Hossaini

Most Western artists and journalists see Afghanistan as a war zone and nothing more and, the darker the photos, the greater the global recognition and praise they receive. Our Editor, NIDHA KHAN, talks to a young Afghan photographer that is defying this bleak narrative that surrounds her homeland by focusing on the beauty of Afghan women and their untold stories of hope and resistance.

In Review: POWER

Girls supporting girls, learning to love our bodies, and allowing yourself to not care about what anybody else thinks of you. And all set to the catchy songs of British pop girl group Little Mix! JOANNA LI reviews the show POWER, and caught up with producer Sara Cowdell.

Drax Project’s On Top of the World

It’s no secret kiwi group Drax Project have been making serious waves overseas with the likes of Hailee Steinfield and Camila Cabello. We caught up with the jet setting musicians to talk highlights, touring and what the crowds at their fast-approaching NZ shows can expect.

Wellington Musician ZÖ And The Intimacy Of WAR

HANNAH POWELL got in touch with ZÖ, a Wellington musician about to release her first EP WAR - a collection of sincere pop songs. In her final year studying Commercial Music at Massey, ZÖ talks about her studies, sadness and making music to “make someone feel something”.    

Kiss The Sky: An Asian-Pacific Constellation Of Dance, Music, And Design

'Magical', 'vibrant', 'stellar', and 'eccentric' - a handful of words being whispered about the New Zealand Dance Company's latest national tour: Kiss The Sky. We heard through the grapevine that it's a show that'll leave you dreaming for more. Naturally, we needed to find someone who could give us insider knowledge and a peek into the life of a professional dancer: cue dancer Chris Clegg and an all-to-eager-to-fire-a-bunch-of-questions Nidha.